Wednesday, November 2, 2011

36 Weeks and Photo Dump

36 weeks!  One more week until I'm full term!

I've got a lot of people guessing what day Tanner will arrive.  And so far the majority is saying 11/11/11.  I think that would be pretty cool.  I'll be full term, but my mom won't be out here yet.  2010 was a huge year for my husband and I so it would be ironic if Tanner chose that day. (That is pretty much an inside joke/story with the AF Academy).

I'm pretty sure he's dropped this past week.  I can breathe better, and I can eat more without getting full.  But on the other side, my indigestion has gotten worse.  I don't really get it.  I know he has dropped because I have to pee all the time now and he just feels really low whenever I'm standing.

What do you think?  Here's a comparison of today and one week ago...

Today I got my packages from Amazon!  I ordered a lot of things that were on our registry with a 10% discount we received.  Everything came today except a pack of Lil' Joey's AIO Diapers.   I don't know why, two other packs I ordered came today.  Whatever.  I took pictures to show what all we got.

JJ Cole Diaper Bag and Hooter Hider's nursing cover on top. (Yes, it's already packed and ready for Tanner)

Bath tub and Jumper

Tummy time play mat

3 in 1 highchair (Nick's mom bought this for us, it just happened to come at the same time as everything else)

Bendy ball, bath thermometer, lap pads, and drying rack.

High chair and shopping cart cover

And my lil' Joeys.  I got red, blue, and the ones that are coming tomorrow are white with "gumballs" on them (basically big polka dots).  There are 6 total, 2 of each.  I absolutely love these! They are so small and soft.  And they have a snap to keep the umbilical cord from being touched.  They fit "4lbs to 12 lbs".   So adorable!

Nick came home early today and jumped right in and helped me put things together.  He was so sweet!

And of course, the cats loved playing with the boxes!  They got all stirred up and started fighting with  each other.

I love Harry's face in this one!

OH! I put the Pack n Play together too today!  It fits very nicely next to my side of the bed!

That's all for now.  It's November, Tanner's month!  I wonder if he will be making his appearance soon?  I've got a prenatal massage booked for tomorrow as a gift from my mother-in-law for my birthday.  I am so excited about it!  It's going to be amazing!  Happy Wednesday everyone!

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