Wednesday, July 22, 2015

New Blog!

Is there anyone out there still??? It's a little obvious that I haven't posted in a while.  And I also haven't posted much personal stuff for about a year now. My reasonings are all security related.  Things happened around the world and I freaked a little.  I planned on going through each post and editing out names and changing pictures and such, but that seemed like a really daunting task.  So, I'm starting from scratch.  I am keeping this blog around just to have for memories.  I will be making it private soon.  Please, if you are interested in following us in the future, message me, email, instagram, whatever, and I will send you the blog link.  The new blog is geared more towards me as a person than just a "mom blog".  (I will have homeschool posts, though-woohoo!)  

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Preschool Week 9- Letter F

Letter F week was full of fun! See that alliteration I did there? 

It really was, though. I found a website that has a TON of themed printables.  I mean, each theme has 30-50 pages! And they are varied by ages too.  I printed out the Farm printable pack for Tanner's age range.  I laminated most of it, so I can reuse it for future use. 

This prewriting practice sheet was actually from G week, but he really enjoyed the difficulty of it, so I carried it over into F week. 

He was pretty excited that he finished them all so fast.

Using the tongs to grab the fish.  A favorite this week, obviously, because he loves this snack.

My mom sent butterfly and frog life cycle figurines the week prior, and it was perfect timing! He put the figures in order and then used them to reference back on his paperwork life cycle.

We traced his feet and then hopped around like a frog from footprints to footprints.

This boy LOVES water play.  I'm trying to get him out of the habit of playing in the sink, so I filled one of his quiet boxes with water and food coloring, and threw some foam "lily pads" and plastic frogs. Perfect activity for a cold snowy day.

More prewriting.


I'm actually pretty impressed with how he counts.  He counts left to right, like he is reading.  

His first time playing the matching game.  He was pretty intrigued with it.

Sorting dirty and clean farm animals.

Plans loosely based off of Angela Thayer's The Preschool Journey, and 3 Dinosaurs.

Preschool Week 8- Letter G

We didn't really do too much this week with preschool.  We were in the middle of our pre-inspection meeting with the base housing office, and trying to get some things packed up for our move.  Lots of cleaning, too.  

He did some printables from 1+1+1=1. Here was stamping the letter G on the Goat.

We do playdoh letters often, but this was the first time he used the playdoh tools to make the letter.  It was his idea.

This was a gumball counting and graphing game.  We used pompoms, because he doesn't chew gum yet.

Some more G coloring, and prewriting practice. 

Plans loosely based off of Angela Thayer's The Preschool Journey, 3 Dinosaurs, and 1+1+1=1.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Preschool Week 7- Letter O

This week was another favorite for Tanner.  He really enjoys when I have little games printed and laminated for him.  

Decorating the oval

"O is for Octopus"

Water bead ocean

How many fish are in the ocean game

Land animals vs ocean animals

Prewriting activity 

I read an ocean animal book while he played with the animals.

Painting an ocean
Plans loosely based off of Angela Thayer's The Preschool Journey, and Homeschool Creations.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Preschool Week 6- Letter H

This week was pretty tough.  It was valentines day week and it was the week where Tanner, Wesley, and I were all sick.  We did what we could, though, and it all worked out.

"H is for House"

Heart lacing...not a favorite.

This little guy wants to help SO badly.

This was supposed to be a heart sun catcher. But I didn't realize until too late that I bought the white contact paper, and not the clear. 

He also did pre-writing, playdoh play, and do-a-dot activities.  All of which are favorites, and what we do often. 

Plans loosely based off of Angela Thayer's The Preschool Journey, and