Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Testing, testing...

I have been trying to figure out how to have pictures upload on here.  For some reason blogger has been saying I am out of room.  So I went in and deleted Picasa, and messed around with a few other things.  So hopefully now I can post pictures.  Once this post publishes, and if the picture I have added actually shows up, I will make another post with a few Birthday pictures.

This picture that will hopefully show up is something I want to make for every birthday Tanner has.  And maybe in the future I can have them all made into a book.  I still need to add a birthday picture and "music" to this one.

Friday, December 7, 2012


Tomorrow Tanner turns one.  

I keep thinking, "this time last year I was doing this, or was going through that...".  I'm pretty sure this moment last year I had my water broken.  That's when everything went down hill.  

Why am I still so bitter with what happened?  Tanner is a beautiful, healthy, little boy. The past year has been the very best one yet!  But I still am upset.  I hope eventually I will get over it.  Maybe it won't happen until I have another baby.  But I will be hoping, with time, I can learn to accept the past and be thankful for what came of it.  I mean, I am so much more aware now, and will be prepared next time.  

I hope my sweet boy has a very happy birthday tomorrow! I love you, little man!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Slacking, again.

I'm a terrible blogger.  Period.  Sorry! 

Last weekend we had Tanner's birthday party.  He had a blast.  I can't believe a year ago tomorrow I went to the hospital to be induced, thinking Tanner would be born that night.  HA! My sweet, sweet boy will be one on Saturday!  It's both so exciting, and so sad.  He has changed so much.  My love for him grows every single day.  

(I tried to upload a picture here, but blogger says I am out of space, so I have to look into that...)