Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Testing, testing...

I have been trying to figure out how to have pictures upload on here.  For some reason blogger has been saying I am out of room.  So I went in and deleted Picasa, and messed around with a few other things.  So hopefully now I can post pictures.  Once this post publishes, and if the picture I have added actually shows up, I will make another post with a few Birthday pictures.

This picture that will hopefully show up is something I want to make for every birthday Tanner has.  And maybe in the future I can have them all made into a book.  I still need to add a birthday picture and "music" to this one.

Friday, December 7, 2012


Tomorrow Tanner turns one.  

I keep thinking, "this time last year I was doing this, or was going through that...".  I'm pretty sure this moment last year I had my water broken.  That's when everything went down hill.  

Why am I still so bitter with what happened?  Tanner is a beautiful, healthy, little boy. The past year has been the very best one yet!  But I still am upset.  I hope eventually I will get over it.  Maybe it won't happen until I have another baby.  But I will be hoping, with time, I can learn to accept the past and be thankful for what came of it.  I mean, I am so much more aware now, and will be prepared next time.  

I hope my sweet boy has a very happy birthday tomorrow! I love you, little man!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Slacking, again.

I'm a terrible blogger.  Period.  Sorry! 

Last weekend we had Tanner's birthday party.  He had a blast.  I can't believe a year ago tomorrow I went to the hospital to be induced, thinking Tanner would be born that night.  HA! My sweet, sweet boy will be one on Saturday!  It's both so exciting, and so sad.  He has changed so much.  My love for him grows every single day.  

(I tried to upload a picture here, but blogger says I am out of space, so I have to look into that...)

Sunday, November 18, 2012


Tanner really showed off today.  After he woke up from his nap we got him ready to go to the bowling alley.  We like to go watch Nick practice.  Nick was playing around with him a little and Tanner started standing by himself for longer periods.  I told Nick I bet he would start walking soon.  

We got to the bowling alley and Tanner wanted to show off to the lady working there.  He started standing again.  30 seconds at a time.  And then during one of those times standing, he took 3 steps.  We cheered for him and he squealed and giggled.  And then, it was like he realized he could do it.  He just started taking off.  He took 8 steps, 3 different times (all to the bowling ball racks, which he loves).  And then he decided to walk all over the place! We got home and he walked all the way down the hallway!  It's crazy how FAST it happened!  

He also did something cute in the bath tonight.  We have a ledge on the bath tub next to the sink and Tanner just LOVES to stand up and place his toys on the ledge.  We don't like him standing in the bath tub and tell him to sit down whenever he stands.  Tonight he stood up while playing with a water bottle and Nick told him to sit down.  He did, and as he did he let go of the bottle and clapped.  Just like his daddy does when he sits down after being told to.  He was a happy boy!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Christmas card bloopers

I mentioned in the last post how Tanner hasn't been feeling well.  We really should have waited to take these pictures when he was in a good mood, but we were running out of time!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Late Halloween post and rambling (Photo dump)

In the past 2 weeks Tanner has cut his 4th tooth (top center, which was the worst one yet), caught a cold, and the cold hung on for 10 days before turning into a sinus infection. Also, my 25th birthday passed, as did Halloween.  I can give you tons of reasons why I didn't post here, but in reality, I'm just a lazy blogger.  Once Tanner goes to bed I'd rather cuddle on the couch with my hubby than post.  

But lately I've been going through some of my past posts from when I was pregnant with Tanner and I am so thankful I blogged back then and that I can reminisce on those past times.    So I need to just get over it and post more.  I do enjoy it!  I just need to make it more routine. So now, without further ado, Tanner's first Halloween!

Jack Jack and Mickey Mouse!

Nick was in the middle of a conversation but I wanted a picture! Haha!

Someone did NOT like the blow up pumpkin!


And like I mentioned above, Tanner has been sick and just miserable for a while.  He will act just fine, but in a split second he gets grumpy.  We tried to carve and paint pumpkins and let him help, but it was a complete failure!  He was obviously grossed out with the pumpkin guts, and the paint.  So most of these pictures are of him upset and complaining.

He did love the pumpkin seeds though, and fussed when I pulled them out of his mouth!

ONE smiling picture out of a hundred!

Yup. This face summed up the entire day.

Yes, we were BOTH covered in paint! I'm not showing the other pictures of my face and shirt...

Time to go in and take a bath!

Friday, October 26, 2012

PM Week #1: Crock Pot Tomato Basil Parmesan Soup

Delicious.  Loved, loved, loved it!  It would be even better with chicken! Yum! The left overs were just as good, too! You can find the recipe here

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

PM Week #1: Taco Wontons

Last night's meal was Taco Wontons and Spanish rice. I liked this one!  It was very sinple! Just seasoned beef in a wonton with freshly grated cheddar cheese on top!  It only  baked for 9 minutes, too! It would have been a lit faster if I had remembered to thaw the meat first. :)

Next time I might add a little less beef and put some smashed black beans on top! Yum! Tonight is the last Pinterest meal for this week.  Crock pot tomato basil Parmesan soup! 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

PM Week #1: Buffalo Chicken Cupcakes

Last night's meal was Buffalo Chicken Cupcakes. You can find the recipe at that link. 

It wasn't bad!  It tasted like hot wings in a way.  Next time I will be doing a few things differently, though.  The recipe calls to roll up the dough with the chicken mixture and cheese like you do cinnamon rolls.  Yeah, that didn't happen.  The chicken was so hot it made the dough super soft and it was NOT rolling!  I ended up just taking handfuls and stuffing it in the muffin pan. I'll probably put the dough in the muffin pan first next time, and then spoon the mixture in. 

I was able to use extra mozzarella cheese and chopped up onion from the creamy tomato soup I made the night before!

My little helper wanting my attention

Tonight I am making Taco Wontons and Spanish Rice!

Monday, October 22, 2012

PM Week 1: Creamy Tomato Soup and Mozzarella Balls

Pinterest Meals Week 1, day 1 was Creamy Tomato Soup and Baked Mozzarella Panko Balls.

Nick came home from a weekend of flying saying he was starving, so I got started cooking and completely forgot to take pictures throughout cooking like I had planned.  I did remember to snap a few before I tried it.  

This recipe was very easy and pretty quick, too.  I really enjoyed it, and I think Nick did, as well  (Tanner did, too). I'm actually looking forward to having the left overs for lunch, and if you know me super well at all (I'm looking at you, Nick) that's a huge thing.  I don't usually like left overs.  

SO good! Tonight I'm making Buffalo Chicken Cupcakes! I'll try to remember to snap pictures as well. :)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pinterest Meals Week #1

I have a a ton of delicious sounding recipes pinned.  They just sit there.  I haven't really tried a bunch yet.  So this week I am going to try to change that.  I have 4 meals planned for the next 4 days, all recipes I have found on Pinterest.  So I am going to challenge myself to review these recipes, take pictures, and blog them.  I'm not promising good pictures, because it's gotten 10xs harder to cook now when I have a little boy trying to pull down my pants.  Or pulling the cookie sheets and cutting boards out of the drawers and covering the kitchen floor with them.

This week's meals will be:

Monday night: Buffalo Chicken Cupcakes and french fries

Tuesday night: Taco Wontons, spanish rice, and corn on the cob

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pumpkin Patch Photo Dump

Checking out the planes flying over

This one makes me giggle

Little country boy