Sunday, November 18, 2012


Tanner really showed off today.  After he woke up from his nap we got him ready to go to the bowling alley.  We like to go watch Nick practice.  Nick was playing around with him a little and Tanner started standing by himself for longer periods.  I told Nick I bet he would start walking soon.  

We got to the bowling alley and Tanner wanted to show off to the lady working there.  He started standing again.  30 seconds at a time.  And then during one of those times standing, he took 3 steps.  We cheered for him and he squealed and giggled.  And then, it was like he realized he could do it.  He just started taking off.  He took 8 steps, 3 different times (all to the bowling ball racks, which he loves).  And then he decided to walk all over the place! We got home and he walked all the way down the hallway!  It's crazy how FAST it happened!  

He also did something cute in the bath tonight.  We have a ledge on the bath tub next to the sink and Tanner just LOVES to stand up and place his toys on the ledge.  We don't like him standing in the bath tub and tell him to sit down whenever he stands.  Tonight he stood up while playing with a water bottle and Nick told him to sit down.  He did, and as he did he let go of the bottle and clapped.  Just like his daddy does when he sits down after being told to.  He was a happy boy!

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