Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Preparing for a new adventure!

I seem to have fallen behind again.  But really?  It's not really something new.  But to be fair, the past few weeks have been jammed packed with, well, everything. 

Halloween snuck up on me real quick.  I planned on making the boy's costumes and when I realized Halloween was in 1 week I panicked! I originally planned on making them Charlie Brown and Snoopy, but that idea fell apart rather quickly.  Tanner wasn't interested in learning who Charlie Brown was.  And Snoopy only has one spot (on his back) and knowing Wesley was riding in the stroller he would just look like a white dog.  So I just made him a white dog with black spots. I asked Tanner what he wanted to be.  He said, "maybe a monster! Or a dragon! No! A SPIDER!" So after a trip to Hobby Lobby and TJ Maxx, I got started on their costumes.  

What else has been happening? Tanner has been playing soccer.  I've been planning his third (WHAT?!) birthday party. Researching and planning Tanner's homeschool preschool (we will begin in January).  Wesley turned 9 months old. I've lost 20 pounds! Nick got his name on his jet. And possibly the most exciting news...

...we got our next assignment!

Nick received his list of possible planes and locations about a month ago.  We rack and stacked them, ranking them 1-26.  And HOT DOG (too much Mickey Mouse?)! We got our FIRST choice!  We are so incredibly excited!  

Ever since April of 2009 when Nick got his pilot slot we've been daydreaming about what plane he would be flying and where we would be living.  In 2011, when Tanner was born and Nick was in pilot training, we decided staying here and having Nick become an instructor pilot was the best for our family.  Thankfully we got our first choice then, as well.  And now that this assignment is almost over, our next adventure is going to begin. We still have several months, but we can start planning and imagining.  

I don't feel comfortable flat out saying where we are going or what Nick will be flying (yet), but we will be near some family.  AND THE OCEAN! Hallelujah, no more land locked state! We are so blessed.  And oh so thankful!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Today was a hard day. 

It started out dark and early around 5:45 with Wesley waking up. Followed by a mouse running across the living room. A MOUSE! Ugh. 

Thankfully Nick was home to help get it out of the house (hopefully).  Nick was also around to help take the boys to the clinic for Wesley's 9 month check up. A few things:

1) Wesley hates being poked/prodded. Especially naked in a cold doctor's office. 

2) Three times now I've had an annoyingly bad experience with the airman who does the growth stats. 

3) Waiting for 45+ minutes in a cold room  for the (new) pediatrician (that I don't really care for) while Wesley screams as loud as he can, just barely keeping himself from vomiting sucks. Heck of a run-on sentence, huh?

Also, Wesley refused his morning nap and only slept barely a hour in the afternoon. He was so tired and grumpy today. Which reminds me...having an extremely temperamental, high needs baby is hard. Especially if that baby hates being cuddled or calmed. 

I sure hope teething is to blame. I'm tired.