Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pinterest Meals Week #1

I have a a ton of delicious sounding recipes pinned.  They just sit there.  I haven't really tried a bunch yet.  So this week I am going to try to change that.  I have 4 meals planned for the next 4 days, all recipes I have found on Pinterest.  So I am going to challenge myself to review these recipes, take pictures, and blog them.  I'm not promising good pictures, because it's gotten 10xs harder to cook now when I have a little boy trying to pull down my pants.  Or pulling the cookie sheets and cutting boards out of the drawers and covering the kitchen floor with them.

This week's meals will be:

Monday night: Buffalo Chicken Cupcakes and french fries

Tuesday night: Taco Wontons, spanish rice, and corn on the cob

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