Monday, November 7, 2011

Car seat...check!

I just love my husband!  More and more every single day!  It's the little things that get me!  This last weekend he installed the car seat.  He also took pictures of it so I could post them to my blog.  :)

So, yes.  The car seat is in the car and ready to go!  It actually looks really good!  Nick wanted to get a good car seat that also matched the car, hehe.  I think he did a great job picking it out!

He also installed the car mirror.  It's amazing!  I can see into the car seat from the driver seat.  It also has a little remote that we hooked on the visor.  It turns on a light so we can see Tanner in the dark, and it also plays music!

Okay Tanner, we're ready for you!

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