Saturday, November 19, 2011

Foil and Cats

I realized a long time ago that I don't really have to go to the pet store to get cute cat toys.  A rolled up ball of tin foil works just as well, and is much cheaper.  But foil doesn't just make a great cat toy, but a great cat deterrent.

I've been trying to keep the nursery door open lately so the cats can get use to it before Tanner comes.  But I have a terrible pet peeve, and can not stand them trying to get in the crib or on the changing table.  Yes, it was cute the first time I saw Axel sleeping on the changing pad, but that was enough.  I don't want the cat hair on things Tanner will be laying on (if I can help it at all).  I'm also pretty freaked out thinking one might get in the crib with Tanner before Tanner can roll around on his own.

So while I keep the nursery door open I have been putting foil under the bottom edges of the crib (so they don't go under it and hide), in the crib, and on the changing table.  I've read online that cats will jump in the crib and land on the foil and freak out from the noise.

Well, this is what I found today...

It keeps them from laying in the crib and the changing table for now, but knowing my cats that won't last.

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