Tuesday, November 15, 2011

38 Week Appointment

Well, still no progress.

My doctor even tried to open my cervix a little, (which was pretty uncomfortable) but it's just not ready.  He did say Tanner's head is even lower and how that's really good.

Heart rate was 144, still pretty normal for Tanner.

I had a few questions this appointment.  The first one was when does he start talking about inductions.  He said he will induce anyone who is 3 cm dilated and past 39 weeks.  But he wont really push it until 41 weeks (which would be December 7th for me).

I asked when I should go to the hospital.  He said if my water breaks, to go ahead and come in to get labor started to avoid infection.  If that happens for me, I will probably shower and eat before I go in, ha!  I was wondering if he followed the 5-1-1 rule or not. Contractions every 5 minutes, lasting for 1 minute, for 1 hour.  I told him I was thinking about trying to labor at home as much as I could.  He said that would be perfectly fine.  But with the last question I asked him I may not want to wait too long anymore...

That last question was about his stance on episotomies.  I have learned through reading online and through school that it's much better to tear naturally than have the doctor preform an episotomy (a surgical cut).  You can heal faster, and there are less complications in the future.  My doctor says he does not do them.  He said it has been years since he's done one.  And what he said next is the reason I think I'm changing my "birth plan".  He said he likes epidurals so much because the woman can stop pushing during a contraction so he can lift the babies head and avoid tearing.  I originally was worried about getting an epidural because a lot of the time you can't feel that need to push feeling and by pushing when your body isn't ready can cause tearing. But with the help from my doctor, I feel a lot better about it.  And also, after watching so many episodes of a baby story on TV and videos online, the women with epidurals seem so much more pleasant!  Don't get me wrong, I still want to feel what it is like, just so I know what natural labor is.

Like I mention in my last doctor appointment post, my doctor drives a brand new Boss 302.  So last week and this week my husband has worn a mustang shirt to my appointment, trying to get a conversation started about cars with my doctor.  Last week Nick was a little bummed out because my doctor was a little preoccupied with the medical student and he didn't look at Nick's shirt.  But today was different.  My doctor mentioned Nick's shirt and they got to talking.  It was pretty awkward, being I was still sitting on the table with a paper blanket covering me while my doctor and husband talk about cars and drag racing.  I learned a lot about the Boss, and about my doctor.  He drag races cars with friends who have sub 10 second mustangs.    We also learned about the features of the Boss and what it does and does not come with.  Other than being awkward, it was pretty cool.  Nick enjoyed it.

So I need to get use to the idea that I will most likely be pregnant for a a long time.  I need to stop being so anxious and enjoy it (as difficult as that is). I need to try to take my mind off of him.  I'm constantly thinking about him.  Tanner will come when he is ready.  Even though my doctor will be out of the state from Dec. 3-5 for a football game.

  Monday would be nice, Tanner.  Your Grandma will be here and your Daddy can take Monday-Wednesday off. Thursday and Friday he has off already for Thanksgiving and then there is the weekend!  Plus, you can join us for Thanksgiving dinner! Just sayin'...

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