Tuesday, November 8, 2011

37 Week Doctor Appointment

I will be 37 weeks tomorrow (yay full term!).  I had my appointment today.  I was a little nervous because I knew I would have my first internal check today and I didn't really know what to expect.  Luckily the weather was bad today so Nick was able to go with me.

My blood pressure was still good, much higher than my normal, but still good.  It was 127/72 ( My normal is 100-110/60).  I also still have trace protein in my urine, which is still not bad.

I told the nurse about my symptoms lately:  seeing spots daily, extremely swollen fingers at night, vertigo, pressure behind my eyes, and just feeling off.  She wrote everything down so my doctor would read it when he came in to check me.  I was able to find out that I am GBS negative, so that's a relief.  I don't have to worry about getting to the hospital early enough to get antibiotics before Tanner is born.

My doctor came in with a medical student.  She will be with him for the rest of November.  I don't mind because I know what it's like to be in school and have clinicals with real patients. But my doctor really worried me today. He told us that he just had a patient who's husband found her seizing.  Apparently she had toxemia, and a pretty bad case of it.  But she had normal blood pressure and no protein in her urine.  My doctor told me that sometimes only blood work can show toxemia.  He told me I could have blood drawn to check just in case.  I might do that next week if I still have that weird off feeling.  I agreed to do it today but I think my doctor forgot or was thinking about something else.  (I did tell him I was happy my BP was okay today).

He really freaked us out though.  Nick's worried about me possibly having a seizure and he would be out flying and not home with me.  I'm going to try to remember to carry my phone with me at all times when I'm alone, just in case.

The signs he told me to watch for are: seeing spots for hours at a time, a severe headache, and a bad pain in the top right part of my abdomen (where my liver is).  If I have any of these signs I'm supposed to go to the ER right away.

Anyway,  Tanner is doing good.  His heart rate was 140.  My cervix was closed but his head is very low.  I have a feeling Tanner will be a December baby, but I really hope I'm wrong!  I now have weekly appointments, so we'll see if there is any progress next Tuesday! (That is if I don't go into labor before then). :)

By the way, anyone who knows me or my family will get a kick out of this.  My doctor drives a BRAND new Boss 302 Mustang.  It's really nice!

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