Wednesday, November 16, 2011

38 Weeks!

Only 2 weeks until D-day!  It's so close, but still enough days to be so far away!  I'm so ready.

I hate to be that pregnant chick who complains about being pregnant.  Honestly though, I've enjoyed it. It was really, really hard while I was working (and to be honest I bet I would have gone into pre-term labor if I had continued to work).  But I am ready.

It's getting hard.  I can hardly walk.  I can barely put on my pants, let alone my shoes and socks.  I have to have help to get off the couch. And the swelling...oh my gosh the swelling!  When I look back at pictures of me and my belly at the beginning of the pregnancy, I get really depressed.  I was so self conscious of the way I looked before I got pregnant, and now I look back and want to kick myself.  I had blinders on.  Sure, I could have lost 10-15 pounds but I looked okay.  Now, I see pictures of myself, and I see the scale go up every week and I can not wait to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight!  I know it's all worth it, but it's still hard to see these changes in myself.

Now, back to baby.  He continues to drop.  He's very low, to the point where I don't think he will go any lower until I'm in labor.  I'm waddling like mad.  I've also been able to pop my back for the first time since probably the beginning of the summer!  It was only twice, but it felt amazing!  I also haven't been having the terrible indigestion that I had been having.

Sleep has been so-so.  When I can fall asleep, I sleep well.  But lately my mind is just going crazy with thoughts.  Thoughts about going into labor, my water breaking, being in labor at the hospital and Nick is out flying and I can't get in touch with him.  I know these thoughts are all normal, but they come flooding in when I try to sleep.  I don't mind the thoughts of holding my little boy though.  I imagine his little newborn cry, rocking him in the glider, and seeing him sleep on Nick's chest.

I know it's going to be very difficult having a newborn.  I bet I will be overwhelmed many, many times.  But I have such a supportive family and great friends who will be there for us.  My mom is coming out on Sunday!  And my mother-in-law will be here shortly after Tanner is born.  I can't wait, I know they can't wait.  But we have to...Tanner will most likely take his time.

Here is the 38 week bump picture.  It would be AWESOME if this were the past belly pic before Tanner came!

And here is the comparison that makes me depressed.

And here is a super random picture of what the cats and I have been watching all morning.  It's only noon and I've filled that bird bath 3 times already and it needs to be filled again.  I suppose the birds are gearing up for winter! (It is the first real chilly day so far...43 degrees.  The windows were open yesterday).

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