Sunday, October 30, 2011


It's official.  I'm 24 now.  For the past few months I would have to actually stop and think about how old I was.  It's not just me, Nick's doing the same thing.  He wrote his age wrong on his PT test Friday. :)

Nick had to have an overnight cross country flight today.  It sucks a little bit that I'm alone on my birthday but I would MUCH rather have Nick gone on my birthday than on Tanner's Birthday!  So I'm glad he's getting this done and over with.

It's been a nice, relaxing day.  For some very strange reason the first thing I did today was make a huge to-do list.  And I'm slowly able to mark things off the list.  For some reason, I'm not able to do too much at a time without braxton hicks contractions, or my back aching.  Last night was really bad.  It seemed like Tanner was having a line dancing party in my belly, and I was having braxton hicks every 20 minutes or so.

But I've enjoyed cleaning up around the house. Again. I caved and got McDonald's for lunch (hoping to get monopoly pieces but NOPE, they ran out.....).  I also enjoyed warming up a can of ravioli and made buttered bread to eat with it for dinner.  Not the fancy Olive Garden dinner that our family would do every year, but not bad!

I've been reading up on cloth diapers some more, and relaxing on the couch in between to-do tasks.  And now I think I will treat myself to a bath...after I do some dishes. :)

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