Wednesday, October 12, 2011

33 Week Doctor's visit and some rambling

My doctor's visit went pretty well yesterday.  My blood pressure is down, but still slightly higher than my normal (But it's a very healthy BP).  My UTI is gone and I am not dehydrated anymore!  I am still spilling some protein in my urine, though.  But not enough to be worried about at this point.

But I spoke with my doctor's nurse, and my doctor and we all agreed that I need to go ahead and not work anymore.  With how lenient my doctor is, that surprised me.  But I need to take care of myself and my little boy. It's almost time for him to come, anyway.

He's doing great though.  His heart rate was 138, which seemed a little low to me but Dr. didn't seem concerned.  He is head down and I asked what the chances were of him flipping by his due date.  My doctor seems to think that is unlikely, so that's more good news!

I think I've gotten a little burst of energy today.  Either that or I'm starting to nest.  I got up pretty early and cleaned the kitchen, went to the Commissary for some groceries, cleaned the bedroom, started laundry, made breakfast and ate it, chopped up some pineapple and now I'm blogging.  And it's only 10:30!  I really like this!

I finished crocheting Tanner's hat last night and now I'm working on making matching booties.  I'll post a picture of them all when I'm finished, and by this rate of nesting, it might be soon. :)  Today I'll probably work on them a little more.  But I also want to iron on some cute pictures to some of Tanner's white onseies.  Nick wanted a car and a picture of a B-1 (one of the planes he has always loved).  So I hope I am able to make them without ruining the onesies.

I also want to hem some more of my maternity pants.  I'm so short that every pant/jean I buy is super long on me.  I've gotten most of them done, but I still have 2-3 more to do.  I might also try to make a beginners taggies blanket while I have my sowing machine out.  I don't think I have the right material, but it's worth a shot, and the practice wont hurt.

OH! And our newest purchase will be here today!  I got a little money from not taking my PTO time at work so we spent it on a really nice video camera.  I figured we will want to use it a lot in our near future, and Nick had fun picking the very best one out online.  Once I figure out how to use it I may make a video tour of the nursery once it's completely done and post it here.  It really makes me happy to think I can take video of Tanner and have my family watch it and see the things I see even though they are across the country.

I also want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sister, Casey!  I wish I could take you out to dinner! I miss you and love you!

Now, I'm going to go get busy! :)

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