Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Nesting and cloth diapering?

I know I'm behind on my weekly update...again.  I waited a little too long.  I will be 34 weeks tomorrow so I will do an update for that tomorrow or Thursday.

This last week has been a great week!  I feel really good!  I'm able to take better care of myself.  I'm caught up on sleep, I'm able to get cleaning and cooking done, and rest in between when I need to. I've also been keeping myself busy.  I think I'm starting to get the hang of crocheting.  I'm actually pretty surprised I was able to teach myself by watching youtube videos.  I've made a cute little hat, and a matching pair of booties.  And I am now almost finished with another little hat.

Here's a picture to show how little the hat and booties are.

I just love them!

I also have to admit I have a new obsession...cloth diapers.

Several months ago I tried to do some research on cloth diapers and I was completely overwhelmed.  I didn't understand where to begin!  There were so many pieces and different types.  So I gave up and settled on the idea of just using disposable diapers.  But last week, a I asked a random question to a friend on facebook and she asked me if I was still considering cloth diapering.  I told her I was overwhelmed.  She wrote back telling me what she does.  I litterally wrote down what she had typed to me and looked up each and every thing.  I not only googled it, but I youtube'd it too.  I had to actually see it done to really understand the concept.  After hours and hours of researching and video watching, it clicked.

It just so happens I started talking to my friend on the day I bought my first little bag of pamper's swaddlers.  I realized there are 36 little diapers in that bag and the bag was $8+.  36 diapers could last 3 days, maybe.  I started putting numbers through my head (mostly I let Nick do it...his brain works that way much better than mine does).  We will be saving SO much money from birth to potty training!  And not only that, we're planning on having more than one kid too, so these cloth diapers will be reusable and available for the next one.

Also, after doing reading more on cloth diapering, I realized it probably wouldn't work using disposable wipes.  We can throw the dirty diaper in the wet bag and wash them every other day, but what happens to the dirty wipes? Would they just go into a bag and be taken out to the trash all the time?  I imagine that causing quite a bit of smell.  So.....I'm going to use cloth wipes too.

It cost quite a bit of money at first, but it's all a one time cost.  We just knocked off two reoccurring costs that we would have originally had to deal with for 2+ years.  This really makes me more happy than I think it should.  I literally have had dreams about this the past two nights. :)

I've ordered everything but the prefolds online.  Most of it should be arriving tomorrow (thanks Amazon Mom!)  My diapers will be shipping tomorrow.  We were going to get the prefolds online from target's website (remember, all the good shopping is 1.5 hours away) but a trip to walmart to get baby hangers brought me to some prefolds that were 3 dollars cheaper.  So I bought 4 packs of 10.  And last night I prepped them.  I know they're supposed to go through several hot washes and dries before they reach their maximum absorbancy, but I only washed them a few times.  I'm sure I will be doing it a lot more, and they will be ready for Tanner when he comes!

I have been nesting.  At first my nesting only consisted of baking.  But now, it's everything!  I'm organizing Tanner's room, again. And I'm washing all of his things.  I figured I needed to try to get the cats use to the idea of a baby, and start setting up the living room with the things we were planning on keeping in that room (So far everything has been in his room and the door has been shut to keep the cats out).  I'm starting with the swing/bouncer.  And the cats are so curious!  Now that they are a little more use to it, they have been hiding under it, thinking they can't be seen.

Here's Harry checking out the swing/bouncer.  Hank and Axel both ran off when I got the camera out, but they were doing the same thing too.

(Don't mind the weird blue jean scratching post-it's the only thing Hank will use)

Now I am going to go play in Tanner's nursery some more! :)

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