Monday, October 10, 2011

32 Weeks and Nervous

It's been a pretty eventful week.  It started last Wednesday night/Thursday morning at work.  It was a pretty busy night and it flew by! But by the time the next shift started showing up I started feeling off.  I can't really explain it any other way.  I was having quite a few braxton hick's contractions throughout the night but they were never back to back, so I didn't worry.  But 7am came around and I started feeling worse.  It got to the point where I started feeling like I was going to get sick and pass out.  I figured my blood pressure was just pretty low and I needed to sit down.  I had my friend check my blood pressure, still at work, and it was 140/70.  I usually run 90-100/60.  So I was a bit shocked and began to get a little nervous.  My doctor's nurse had been wanting me to check my BP often in between appointments to watch for signs of Pre-Eclampsia*.  I still have a ton of swelling, and that morning it was particularly bad.  So when I was finally done with work (an hour late) I called my OB's nurse.  She wanted me to go ahead and come in to the office.  They just opened and they don't have appointments until 9am, so I would be able to get checked out quick and get home to bed. 

*Pre-Eclampsia is a condition some pregnant women can get.  It is associated with high blood pressure, abnormal swelling and protein in urine. It is also called toxemia or pregnancy induced hypertension.  If untreated it can lead to a stroke, so it's pretty serious.  The only way to really 'treat' it is to deliver the baby.   

When I got there she checked my urine, like always, and like always I had a UTI (this would be the third time this pregnancy).  She also said I am starting to spill a little protein in my urine (a sign of Pre-E) but that it wasn't bad yet.  Not to mention I was very dehydrated.  (I tried to drink water throughout the night, but I didn't get as much in as I normally do).  She weighed me as well, and I gained 8 lbs since I weighed myself two days prior at home, I thank the swelling.  Next was my BP check.  I had been trying to relax and deep breath for the past 30 minutes to lower my BP.  Luckily it was 120/70.  Still high for me, but much better!  She also checked my swelling.

We discussed my work schedule.  She felt very uneasy with me going back to work that night, so she wrote a note for me stay home due to all the problems (high BP, dehydration, increased edema, and UTI).  She wanted me to take it easy this weekend and go back to work tonight (Monday), since I have another doctor appointment tomorrow afternoon.  When I went back to work to give my charge nurse the note I was able to talk to 3 of my charge nurses.  They obviously were upset that I would not be at work that night (we were very busy and needed the help), but they understood...I hope.  They also did not want me to go to work tonight.  I tried to fight it but they were adamant.  I told them I would let them know what happened at my appointment Tuesday, whether or not I would be back at work.  I'm only scheduled 6 more nights this next month, but I feel very nervous about working.  I've been taking it easy this weekend and I'm still swelling a ton, and not to mention every time I get up and move around a lot I start cramping.  Sunday morning I woke up feeling like crap.  I guarantee I am still pretty dehydrated.  Too bad I can't take the fluid from my legs and ankles and move it...

So week 32 has been a tough week so far.  Pregnancy symptoms so far have gotten a little worse, and better at the same time.  I'm not craving as much anymore...other than ice (thanks dehydration).  I swear I'm getting more and more stretch marks on the front of my belly everyday.  For the longest time I only had a few on my sides from where I had some from years ago. But now...there's no hiding them. :(

I also get so uncomfortable!  Tanner really likes my right side, especially my ribs/lung.  Sometimes I can't catch my breath and I have to stretch out just to breath.  Last night Nick had his hand on my right side, by my ribs and he said he felt what he thought was a foot move.  I think that's pretty awesome, I still haven't felt anything like that yet. 

I'm trying to make myself relax a little more around the house. So thanks to some YouTube tutorials, I am working on crocheting Tanner a hat.  I think I will also try to make some little booties, just because they are so darn cute!

I'm going to head to bed now.  I will post again tomorrow after my doctor's appointment. 

Here's this week's bump shot.  Sorry, Mom...maybe next week I will show my super swollen face. :)

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