Tuesday, October 25, 2011

35 week Doctor visit

My appointment went very well today!  My BP was great, no UTIs, and I've only gained 1 lb.  I was tested for Group B Strep (which is very common).  I could call tomorrow to find out the results, but it isn't really important to know at this point in time, so I'll just wait until my next appointment in 2 weeks.

I was able to talk to my doctor a little bit today, usually he's in a little bit of a rush with patients in labor.  I was really worried about them moving my due date since I'm pretty sure my "real" due date is the first one I was given, December 10th.  So I let him know that.  He got his measuring thing out and measured my belly.  And surprising, to me, I'm measuring right at 35 weeks.  So I guess November 30th it is!

I was happy to find out my doctor has a very low c-section rate.  But then he asked me how tall I am.  If you ask me, I'm 5'1"; but if you ask my husband, I'm 5'0". My doctor then said I look like I'm 5'0" to him.  He says there is a big difference in c-section chances for a woman who is 5'0" compared to 5'1".  Like a 5% better chance on having a c-section if you're only 5 feet tall.  A lot of it has to do with the way the woman is shaped.  But so far, he hasn't mentioned me needing anything special to give birth.

He did tell me not to go into labor on the weekends of the 11th or the 18th, because he will be out of town for a concert and a comedian show.  He said Thanksgiving would be great because he is on call. Hahaha! Thanksgiving would be great! Well, preferably the weekend after Thanksgiving.  My mom is coming into town on the 20th, and I want to decorate for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving.  lol

Tanner is still doing great! Heart rate was 138, and he is still very much head down.  He feels super low to me.  I'll have my first internal check at my next appointment in 2 weeks, so we'll see if there is any progress after that.

I think I'm going to go make some flannel washcloths now.  Nick is flying late so I don't have to worry about dinner or anything.  By the way, I have yet to receive an email saying my cloth diapers have shipped...It's been over a week........But who's counting.

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