Thursday, October 20, 2011

34 Weeks!

6 weeks until due date.  3 weeks until term.

That's nuts.

I'm writing this blog sitting in the glider in the nursery.  I absolutely love this spot!  I actually really love this moment.  Sitting here in this room that has changed so much in the past 3 months.  I've got music playing, the window is open with the breeze filling the room, and the weather is absolutely perfect! I'm looking at the walls and seeing all the planes, and I hear all the planes flying around outside.  I can't wait to talk to Tanner about them!  Who knows, maybe one day he will be a pilot like his Daddy.

I'm actually feeling really good.  I still have the occasional cramps when I over do it walking or working in the house, but it's nothing compared to when I was working.  I'm sure catching up on sleep helps there as well. I even had a moment today where I forgot I was pregnant for a split second.  Somehow Harry was able to push the bedroom door open and he ran in.  I ran down the hallway to chase him out and he immediately ran under the bed.  So I jumped down on my knees and then on my stomach to look under the bed.  Right as I felt my big ol' belly I rolled over.  Yeah, that hurt a little.  How did I forget about that thing? Finally after fighting Harry a little he ran back out of the room..sneaky little devil.  I do have some lower back pain everyday after standing too long, but I know that's completely normal.  It's the pain I'm all too familiar with (from being top-heavy...).  Oh, and heartburn/indigestion.  Every night.  But there has only been two nights where it's woken me up and I had to take Pepcid or drink some milk before I could fall back to sleep.  Tanner is going to have lots of hair!

I've been nesting.  Pretty much every other day.  I'll get these spurts of energy and I'll want to clean and organize like crazy.  But usually I wear myself out and the next day I'm lazy and tired.  I'm trying to make a to-do list and just do little things here and there so I don't get too tired.  We'll see how long that lasts.

I still have pretty much one craving still.  Pizza.  I just love it!  It has to be thick crust though, even though I love the thin crust too. But there is just something about thick crust and cheese, yummmm!

I gathered up all my maternity/pregnancy books.  I realized I have yet to finish one of them.  I've stopped at the labor part in each book.  I think I'm a little nervous to read on, but I probably should.  I've seen women give birth in nursing school, and I learned about it...but I honestly think I will completely forget everything when it's my turn.

Now, to talk about my new obsession.  I am so stinkin' excited to get my cloth diapers!  I've been a nuisance to the SmartiPants company.  I emailed then last Saturday when I tried to order them.  They didn't offer two of the colors I wanted and on the main page it said they were all available.  They emailed me back within 30 minutes (keep in mind this was Saturday night around 11:30pm) saying all the colors would be available on Monday.

 Monday came around and they still weren't available.  I must have jumped the gun and was too impatient because after the second email to them Monday morning they emailed right back saying it should be ready to order, but two of the colors wouldn't ship until Wednesday.  Well, today (Thursday), I still hadn't gotten my email saying they had shipped.  So, I emailed them again.  (This is not like me, usually I will just wait it out a little bit until it gets to be ridiculous).  I felt bad, but when I tried to call them, their number was a non-working number, that sent up a red flag.  But Josh, the same guy who has emailed me back all three times, all within 30 minutes of emailing them, responded.  He said the white color I had ordered came off the production line today and everything would be sent to me first thing tomorrow morning.

So, it's either been a little bit of a wait, or I've been extremely impatient.  Probably the latter.  I have to admit though, SmartiPants has great customer service...if you email them.  I can NOT wait until I get my hands on those little poop holders!

I may just be spoiled by Amazon Mom and their free two-day shipping.  I got all my other cloth diapering supplies yesterday!

Here is my drying rack.  It's so easy to fold up! I can just imagine all my little diapers and inserts sitting on this in the sun! :)

I also got a pack of 3 Snappis.  And yes, I have been practicing using prefolds and the snappi on a teddy bear.

My wet bags! I think they are so cute! But I'm going to need to get some more.  The small one is a little too small for the diaper bag.  It looks like it might hold one dirty diaper.  They sell mediums, so I'll probably get one of those.  I also need to get another larger one with a drawstring so I can get a cheap trash can to use with it in Tanner's room.

Washcloths that will be used as wipes.  All washed up and super soft!

I can't wait to post pictures of the diapers!

Here's the bump.  I'm really starting to hate taking these pictures.  I don't like the way I look...

I've got to add a picture of the little boogers.  They're so cute!

Time to start making dinner...Guess what we're having.


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  1. How exciting!! I have the same PlanetWise bag (the white curly Q!)