Sunday, October 2, 2011

31 weeks!

I'm already 31.5 weeks! It's really flying by faster than I want it to.  I mean, I can't wait to meet my little boy but I'm happy.  I'm enjoying being pregnant (even though it's so uncomfortable right now).  I want to enjoy each day,  and start mentally preparing myself for his arrival.

Today has been interesting.  I've been having quite a few braxton hicks contractions.  I also had this 3 minutes or so of intense cramping at the top of my uterus.  It was actually painful.  I don't know what it was.  I've heard braxton hicks aren't supposed to hurt, but maybe they can?

Tanner is also moving around a lot today.  I feel him in two completely different spots, he's definitely stretched out in there.  I woke up the other morning to him hiccuping.  It was the funniest thing.  He would have 30 seconds or so of hiccups, and then he would wiggle around like he was getting frustrated.  The hiccups would stop and he would settle down.  Maybe 10 seconds later the hiccups would return.  They would continue for a while and he would do his wiggle worm thing again, almost like he was trying to get them to stop.  And they would, just for a little while.  It happened maybe 3 or 4 times before they would finally disappear.  This along with him being a stubborn little guy at the ultrasound last week make me believe he's going to be a lot like me. :)

I'm still craving milk and cereal.  I was sad because I brought my cereal to work last night and we had no milk in the fridge so I couldn't eat it.  I was pretty bummed out. lol

Here's the bump.  Massive...


Also this week we got our glider delivered!  It's as comfortable as I remember it being!  Even Nick loves it!  I  just love sitting in the nursery and imagining rocking my little baby boy to sleep.  We also put together the little side table we got from target.  It's a perfect size for my pump and a coaster for a drink.  It also has a little drawer that I'm planning on using for snacks. :) I love it all!

We now have all the "big" expensive things purchased and set up.  We just need to start getting the little things like bath supplies, sleep sacks, diapers, wipes, bottles, pacifiers, and other similar things.  We'll probably wait a little longer for those things, maybe once I'm not working anymore and it's November.........NEXT MONTH!!!! Wow! Is it really October???!?!!

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  1. I hear you I definitely feel like time is flying too! Your bump isn't massive it's cute :)