Tuesday, October 29, 2013

27 Weeks and 26 Years Old

Welcome to the third trimester! HOW IN THE WORLD DID I GET HERE SO FAST?!?!

I can't believe I only have 3 months left, the 3 busiest months of the year, too!  I'm feeling pretty great, though.  Today is day 5 of no zofran! I'm not entirely sure I wont take it today, because I've had 2 or 3 times where I felt like I needed to.  But I made some scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese to get some protein in.  Hopefully that will help.  

I had my appointment last week.  I had a bunch of questions I wanted to ask but my doctor was too into talking about  the awesome deal he had getting tickets to the NASCAR race this coming weekend.  And all the stuff he has planned with his family.  I'm bringing a piece of paper with my questions on it next time so he can see I have something to talk to him about.  

It took 20 minutes to check into my appointment because the office switched computer systems.  But I'm really thankful for it! I can now check my medical records online, along with lab results, and wellness info.  The first thing I did when I had it all set up was look into Tanner's labor and delivery.  I've always wondered what their reasoning was for my inability to give birth vaginally.  And I found my answer!  They had written down, "Pyrexia" and "DTA & POP". I know what pyrexia means.  I spiked a bad fever and probably had some sort of infection starting.  I had to do a little more research on the "DTA & POP".  It means Deep Transverse Arrest and Posterior Occipitoposterior Position".  Basically Tanner's head was not engaged correctly.  It was completely sideways.  There was a chance I could have a a special forceps used to deliver him but the likely hood of it working was very slim.  I would have ended up with a c-section anyway, even if I didn't spike a fever.  

I needed to do more research on my his head was that way.  Was it because my pelvis was too small?  THANKFULLY, no!  It was because my doctor insisted on breaking my water at a fingertip dilated.  Way too early.  So Tanner wasn't in a good position when my water broke, and his head engaged poorly.  I'm so happy I have this information.  If I am lucky enough to go into labor before my 41 week deadline there will be a lot of things done differently.  I'm planning on writing a birth plan so if I'm not mentally able to express my wishes during labor, Nick will be able to let them know.  

Anyway, back to my doctor's appointment.  Everything is doing great.  My doctor didn't tell me what the heartrate was, too busy talking. ( I even asked the lady at the desk to look at my paperwork when I was leaving so she could tell me, and he didn't write it down!) 

My blood pressure is great, as well! Still much better than this pregnant with Tanner.  It was 122/43.  I've only gained 5 pounds as well.  I'm pretty certain I was already up 25+ pounds.  I was also swelling a LOT more then, too.  I have a little pitting edema on my ankles by the end of the day but it's just nothing compared to what I dealt with last time.  And I'm so thankful!

Tomorrow I turn 26.  I may or may not have had to calculate it in my head to be sure.  It really freaks me out thinking I only have 4 years left in my twenties.  I don't even want to think about it anymore. Yikes!

Okay, time to play with the toddler! :)

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