Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Tanner 22 Months

What's happened in the last month?  Well, Tanner has definitely grown.  He's getting longer and faster.  He's talking more, learning, and following directions (or not!). 

I really think he's at a great age for tot school.  We haven't had "tot school" for a month because ever since we find out Tanner is going to have a baby brother we've been organizing baby clothes and buying some new things for Wesley.  So the office where tot school is set up has been a storage room, packed so full we couldn't walk to the other side of the room.  But now that our guest room has been done away with, it is now Wesley's room. And all of the baby clothes/toys/and decorations have been moved to Wesley's room.  The office has a floor now, and I just need to organize it a little bit more and tot school will be up and running again.  We have done a few tot school type things but nothing with a theme and I haven't taken any pictures.  I think I will start out with a rainbow review theme and go on from there.  Maybe shapes and letters.  

He did not put the colors in the right spots, I did that for the picture. He will do it occasionally, though!
Tanner transferred to his big boy bed last weekend.  He's done amazingly well with it, too. The last two days he has gotten out of bed at nap time but i put him back once and he typically stays.  Today was a little different, only because he needed to poop.  Once he pooped and I changed his diaper, he stayed in bed.  He's so cute, too.  I will lay him down and then say good night to his monkey and his frog, and kiss them.  And then I say the same thing to Tanner and kiss him.  Lately he has been making me kiss his sleep sheep, too.  I guess it's my fault for not thinking about it! It's an animal he sleeps with, too! 

First morning waking up in his big boy bed
Speaking of poop, Tanner isn't anywhere near ready to potty train, but he will tell me when he is pooping, and sometimes he will tell me when he is peeing.  And when he is in the bath tub or shower and pees, he says, "pee pee! YAY!!!".  I think that's a good start.  

Tanner has quite a few words, and is putting two word sentences together.  He still has a lot of words he uses for everyday things that only we understand.  "Awhy" means "a car", "mo mo" means "balloon"...We are working on repeating the correct words whenever he says them, but I'm not worried.  He use to say bubble wrong, but he changed it on his own and says it correct, now.  

Some of his favorite things are still pretty much the same as they have been but more intense.  He loves little Hotwheels cars.  I had a box put away of dozens of them from when nick collected them.  Sometime when we were making Tanner's big boy room last weekend he found the box.  So he has been playing with those non stop.  He still likes balls, but not as much as cars.  Oh, and bubbles and balloons!  Those are fun.  

He is still obsessed with Daddy, though.  When he asks about him during the week, I tell him, "Daddy is at work" and Tanner will say, "AT!" (Which is his word for airplane). I use to tell him all the time that Daddy was at work, flying airplanes.  And now he remembers.  

At work with Daddy
In Daddy's Airplane

Trying to do push ups with Daddy. (And yes, they're twins.  Nick likes to dress each other the same on the weekends) Last week, he sat next to Nick and stuck his toes under the couch to do sit ups with him, too!
Here are a few other pictures I've taken this past month.

Hanging out with his best friend, Lucas

He looks like such a big boy in his jeans
The boy love bubbles!

A couple of my favorite's from our trip to the pumpkin patch last night. He's growing into such a handsome little boy!

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