Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sweet moments like this.

Im typing this on my phone while I'm in bed because I need to write this down before I forget. 

Tanner turned 19 months old yesterday. And yesterday marked 19 months that we've shared that special bond nursing. In the past month Tanner has one from nursing 3 times a day, to only once in the morning. So this morning I cherished it a little longer. I talked to him, and he talked back. (I know he was just picking up on words I was saying but it was so sweet)

I told him that I knew our special bonding time was going to stop soon, and that I will miss it. I told him other ways we could share special time together. And he replied, "Yeah! Yeah!" 

Then I told him how well we did, in relation to breastfeeding. How we overcame a lot of difficulties. We passed our goal of 12 months and were able to enjoy it. And Tanner said, "wooooow!"

 I told him "you know not everyone is able to do this, and that's ok". In which he replied, "no, I know."  

After that cute little conversation I had with him I couldn't help but imagine what he would look like in another year. Or what he will do when he's an adult. I know this time I have with him where I can swoop him up in my arms and kiss his little lips is short lived. He won't want his momma doing that soon. So I am taking every single day one at a time and enjoying the heck out of it. I can't believe God blessed me with such an amazing life with the most wonderful family. 


  1. Blessed beyond words!

    BTW, I sit on Cameron and still kiss him. Even if he is almost 16! Against his will ofcourse, but I know he enjoys the playing around.


  2. Being in the moment, aware of what has been, not knowing what may come, but simply being in the moment is so very precious.

  3. This is so sweet. Such a special moment!