Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tot-School (Blue Week)

Tanner is 19 Months old

I did a little something different for Blue week.  After reading some other tot-school blogs and seeing them do things for 2 weeks, instead of one, I decided to try it as well.  It's either working, or Tanner is reaching an age where he really is enjoying this now.  Probably a combination of the two.  

So we took things slow and (other than coloring) Tanner really enjoyed tot-school.  I didn't do anything different than I usually do for the color weeks, except add in one new activity.  So the pictures will be very similar to all the other color weeks. 

The first try was a sorting type of try.  He actually tried to do this. for the first time! Usually he grabs the balls and throws them onto the floor.  

Those feet.  Love them!
Soon Tanner gathered up the waterbeads and took them to the floor to play.  I knew it was coming. He loves those things.

I can say Tanner enjoyed the sensory bin this week.  He picked through it without actually tipping it over all over the floor. (He did end up doing that, though). 

"What does an elephant say?"

Tanner used some of the things from the sensory bin to create his own activities! 

This was the new activity we did this week.  I painted some wooden beads (from Hobby Lobby!) two different colors of blue and bent the bottom of a pipe cleaner.  He couldn't do it quite by himself, but with a little help from me, he did it all!

Each week I do a little coloring/crafts with Tanner.  He doesn't really like it too much yet.  He would rather be pulling things apart, figuring out how they work, or exploring.  Not sitting down and coloring.  I'm hoping he will like doing it one day, because I love to color!  I would like to color with him. But I'm not going to force it on him if he just doesn't care to do it.  

The dot paint activity never lasts long.  He'd rather slide the paper off the table. 
Bath time! Thanks Pinterest!
 We did some non-blue activities this week, as well.  

Since we don't live near family at all, I work really hard to teach Tanner who his grandparents are. He recognizes his Memaw, Papaw, and Grandma!!!  He really likes looking at his Papaw's (my dad) picture.  I think it has something to do with that funny thing on his face. :)

Sorry for the blurry camera phone picture.

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  1. I love hanging the grandparent's pictures! I used family pictures with my 14 month old as well - I laminated them and put them on the tray as one of our activities. We play games like "can you find Papa?" and "Is that Dada?" and she really enjoys it. I think it makes a big difference in her recognizing those people that are far away!

    I love that your son is really starting to focus on the activities and try to do them - its so sweet to see them learning! :)