Friday, July 26, 2013

June Phone Photo Dump (18 Months Old)

 It's been a little while since I did a phone photo dump.  So while I'm resting on the couch trying not to throw up, I'll do a couple posts for June and July. Remember, these pictures are from my phone, so they will probably be blurry and grainy.

This boy has some funny sleeping positions.


This is the picture I used to announce 2.0's pregnancy on Facebook.
He definitely loves the boy toys.  Balls, cars, planes...

A little outside fun. (Now it's 100+ degrees out and miserable)

Heading to the pool

Hanging out with his buddy, Lucas

Cooling off with a V8 juice popsicle
This is what happens with Dada does bath time
We let Tanner take a nice long nap on the 4th of July (after going to his first movie- Monster's University). So we kept him up a little later than usual so he could see the fireworks.  He wasn't too sure about them. He didn't like the big 'Pops', but he did say, "Woooow" a few times.  As long as he had Dada to cuddle up to he was fine.

Waiting for it to get dark enough for the fireworks.  Getting sleepy but watching the cars drive by was pretty neat.

I love this picture.  Dada's boy.

Nick loves to go bowling.  The last time we went we decided to see what Tanner thought of it.  The smallest sized shoes they had were 3 sizes too big, but they worked. He thought the ball return was SO MUCH BETTER than rolling the ball down the lane.

Not too bad for an 18 month old's first try! Especially the last two frames!
Tanner and Bud are really starting to bond.

Bud knows the sweet spot is below the highchair during meal times!

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  1. I love the pictures of him sleeping in his crib - I remember that all of mine, at some point or another, did that - sometimes all the way up to their waist!