Sunday, July 7, 2013


I finally have reorganized the office, and cleaned up tot-school.  I have been missing it and so has Tanner.  So that's a good thing.  I'm feeling pretty good today surprisingly.  No need for Zofran.  And I'm feeling a little bit productive.  Just a littttttle bit. Ha!  I'm going to get blue week ready for this coming week's tot-school.  But as I sit here in the office I'm trying to figure out what we are going to do when 2.0 comes.  

It's not going to be a rush at all.  The baby will be in our room until probably 5 months.  (We'll play that one by ear). So a nursery isn't going to need to be put together before he/she comes.  But I'm thinking about moving my desk into the living room.  That way maybe we can have some room for a bed in the office and turn our guest bedroom into 2.0's room. I love having an office though.  And we really don't have a ton of room.  These base houses are small.  And Tanner does so well sleeping that I am not planning on making him share a room with an infant.  We'll redo his room into a big boy room before long, too. 

The desk in the living room will not look too terribly tacky, it's a nice desk.  And I know this isn't our forever home, I mean, we'll be leaving in 2 years.  So I don't mind having a semi-crowded living room.  Sounds like I have a date with Pinterest during Tanner's nap!

I guess I should probably wait until Nick gets home from work to move the ridiculously heavy desk. 

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