Sunday, June 30, 2013

A couple updates

So I guess it's about time I update you all on what's been going on here!

First of all, Google's reader will be disappearing tomorrow. So if you like to follow blogs using that, you may want to look into Bloglovin.  I actually prefer Bloglovin. It's a lot easier to read using my tablet and phone.  

A week ago we adopted a dog!  Pretty crazy!  His name is Bud and he is a Lab/Sheppard mix. He's about 5 months old and surprisingly a great dog.  He had a few issues with the leash, but within this last week that has improved a lot! And he also has his moments of separation anxiety with being in the crate when we leave the house.  He enjoys his crate but he knows that we are gone.  He will start crying when he hears the car return.  I'm sure that's normal puppy behavior.  

One thing that bugs me a lot though, is how attached to me he is. (The reasoning for this is probably related to what I talk about at the end of this post).  He can't stand being in a different room and me.  He won't cry or damage anything like other dogs do when they have separation anxiety, but he just follows me everywhere.  He will be sound asleep in the living room and I get up to go into the kitchen for a snack or a drink and he gets up and follows me.  And by the time he gets settled laying down in the kitchen, I've gotten what I need and am back in the living room.  

He's really great with Tanner.  He isn't food aggressive at all.  Tanner has stepped on him and sat on him, and he hasn't gotten aggressive.  He does get really excited when he comes inside from going potty and he will sometimes jump on Tanner.  So we are working on that.  He also likes Tanner's toys.  Right now Bud and Tanner are learning how to be gentle with each other.

And in other news...

The main reason I haven't blogged in a month is because I have been feeling like crap.  I am exhausted all day everyday.  And I am so nauseous each day. 

 Yes.  I am pregnant. 

Here is 2.0.  We found out while we were in Phoenix.  We were planning this, but now that it is a reality, I am freaking out.  So many things going through my mind.  I am scared to be pregnant again. I am sad that Tanner won't be my one and only anymore.  I am scared thinking about labor and delivery...whether or not to VBAC or have a repeat C-section. I am terrified.  How will I be able to handle two kids!?

But I am SO happy to give Tanner a sibling close in age!  I know he wont remember a time never having a sibling.  And with Nick being in the Military, I'm hoping they will be each other's friends each time we move.  This is a good thing.  A great thing.  It's going to be hard.  But it's going to be worth it.  

Based on my last period, baby would be due at the end of January.  But I know that's not accurate.  It's actually closer to two weeks off.  The ultrasound was measuring a week off but the placenta was in the way and my doctor couldn't get a good reading.  So when I go back at the end of July I will be getting another ultrasound to measure a little better.  In anyway, Baby will be due at the beginning of February.  

So now, I am going to try to take a quick nap before Tanner wakes up from his nap.  


  1. Congratulation! I remember being a little sad *temporarily* when I realized that adding another baby was going to take away that special time that I could have with my first (she was 5 months old when I found out I was pregnant with my second - they are almost to the day a year apart), but I am so glad now that they are close together - as well as my other kiddos being close together - it is so fun to watch them interact so well with each other!

  2. Congratulations!! It's always scary adding another baby to the family, but you'll love it when you get there.

  3. Congrats! For the pregnancy and your new pup! We have a 3 yr old (almost 4) that we got when my daughter was 2 years old. He is great with both of my girls, very tolerate of their shenanigans, and now never messes with their toys. He still gets a little anxious when we leave him home alone.

    During my last pregancy our dog followed me every where! I swear he had a sense about it. Maybe that is what Bud is doing. Also I had a VBAC, it and the C/S are very different experiences, but after either way holding your newborn is the best part!

  4. Congratulations! Very exciting news! :)