Monday, June 3, 2013

Phoenix Photo Dump

I seriously am lacking any motivation to blog. I get all these ideas lined up in my head on things to talk about and then when Tanner's nap time comes around I have other things to do.  Or I just want to hang out and do nothing for an hour.  

So I'm going to post this real quick and then get some lunch and veg out in front of the TV until Tanner wakes up.  Honesty is good, right? ;)

He was SO excited to be on a plane and see other planes taking off from his window! He was such a good boy on the plane! His first words when he got into the terminal in Phoenix, "WOW!".

This is probably more funny to me than it really is.  Tanner had barely slept all day after waking up at 4:30 central time. We were on out way to lunch after leaving the airport and nightmare that is the Phoenix rental car center.  We were hoping Tanner was sleeping in the car.  And since he is still rearfacing and we didn't have the car mirror in the rental, I turned my camera on and tried to peek at him to see if he was sleeping. He obviously wasn't. Ha! (You can see how tired he was though) 

Being an East coast southern girl, I have never had In-n-out.  So we had to stop to see  what the big deal was and why everyone loves these burgers.  It wasn't too bad.  A little greasy. I like five guys better!

Other than being hot, Arizona is kind of pretty.  Tanner loved the rocks everywhere.

Adorable little church our friends were married in!


Handsome ring bearer!

Probably my favorite picture of the vacation.

Petting zoo at the zoo.  Can you tell we were the only ones there?

Feeding the giraffe!

Someone took off with the stroller.

Feeding the catfish and swans.

Ready to go for another ride!

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