Monday, July 29, 2013

2.0 Update

I had another appointment today. I knew we were planning on getting another ultrasound because my doctor wasn't able to get a great estimate on the due date. 

We were sent to a room and my doctor tried to find the heartbeat with the Doppler, but after a minute or two he couldn't find it. So we were going to get another ultrasound for sure. It was maybe 5-10 minutes of waiting to go to the ultrasound room. I know it's normal to not be able to find the heart beat on the Doppler early, but I still worried. Nick tried to distract me. 

When we started the ultrasound, 2.0 immediately started jumping around and kicking. I felt such a relief. I saw the heartbeat flickering and it was beautiful! We saw little hands and little fingers, a knee and feet! I compared this ultrasound picture to the one of Tanner around the same time and 2.0 is much bigger. So maybe I am farther along than I thought. I calculated (by charting ovulation) my due date to being February 7th. But after two ultrasounds, they are keeping my due date as January 28th. 

That means I went from being 12 weeks 3 days to 14 weeks tomorrow! I completely skipped week 13 and am in the second trimester. 

I'm hoping this due date is accurate because it's almost a 2 week difference. And that's HUGE when you are wanting a VBAC. If it's wrong, I doubt I will ever go into labor on my own before they want me to schedule a c-section. 

I have one more chance to have a better idea of a due date. My anatomy scan has been scheduled for August 30th. That's ONE month away! I'm not ready for this pregnancy to be flying by! I want it to go slow! 

Here's sweet 2.0's second picture!

And here is a comparison picture from one month ago.

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