Sunday, August 4, 2013

Breastfeeding and Weaning

Well, I knew the day was coming soon.  We've had some pretty big obstacles to overcome, but we made it to almost 20 months breastfeeding!  I'm very proud of how we did.  Back when we were having painful latching issues around 11 months, I thought I was going to have to wean Tanner on my own.  But thankfully, we made it through that and made it 9 additional months! I was so upset back then thinking we may have to wean.  I wasn't ready, and Tanner definitely wasn't ready, either.

But now, I don't feel sad at all.  Tanner weaned on his own.  This is what is supposed to happen.  And I'm thankful it happened the way it did.  Typically a pregnant woman who is still nursing will have drastic problems with milk supply later in pregnancy.  I'm glad Tanner weaned before that happened.  I would have been upset to think he didn't know where his milk was!  

The first week in August is World Breastfeeding Week. And I sort of think it's funny how the last day Tanner nursed was July 31st. 

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