Tuesday, August 20, 2013

17 Weeks and Family Visit Pictures

I am 17 weeks pregnant today.  It's a little difficult to believe I'm that far along, already.  We find out if 2.0 is a boy or a girl in 10 days!

I'm still feeling run down and nauseous every single day.  I have to rely on zofran just to get anything done.  And today, taking zofran as soon as I woke up apparently didn't help. I re-read some old blog posts I wrote from when I was pregnant with Tanner, and I was feeling so much better by this time.  I barely have an appetite, but I force myself to eat little things throughout the day. I also haven't gained anything. I'm sure that's because I just don't want to eat anything.  17 weeks along with Tanner I was already up 9 pounds! Yikes. We have Hershey Kisses and M&Ms in the house and I just don't want any of it.  

I have felt kicks, though! And that's always awesome.

Nick's mom and brother drove out to Oklahoma last week.  It was really nice to see them! I really miss family.  Tanner enjoyed the visit as well. 

Tanner's uncle Don is a tennis player, and now Tanner has his own racket!

Laughing at Daddy
"Must snuggle with Daddy"
Bud got jealous
We moved the furniture around in the living room and now Tanner can turn the TV off.


  1. He is such a cutie! And looks so much like you!

  2. Hope you start feeling better! I hadn't put on weight at 17 weeks either. I just hit 27 weeks and have now started to gain a little more.