Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Tot-School (Purple Week)

Tanner is 19 Months old

**Warning, this post is very picture heavy**

The last two weeks we have been working on the color purple.  I've tried to add a few more activities and different things to keep Tanner interested more.  I think we succeeded. 

I'll start with the sensory bin, because Tanner wanted to play with it as soon as possible. Hence the second picture. (I had just finished putting it together) I was so excited about this bin.  He usually tips whatever sensory thing we are working on and throws it all around.  Even the last time I did rice, it wasn't much of a hit.  This time, however, he loved it.  He just sat there scooping and pouring, digging, burying, and stirring.  


I knew it was only a matter of time before the rice was on the carpet and not on the towel.
We made homemade silly putty, too!  I thought it was so cool.  The more you play with it the better it gets! Here's the recipe.  Tanner was interested in it, but did not want to touch it.  He's picky like that.

Stickers were also a big hit!  

Of course we had to do some play-doh play.  This is one of Tanner's favorite things.  Right up there with balls and cars. The top pictures are showing him do his own thing.  

After we were done with the play-doh, he readily put the felt circles onto the flannel board.

Tanner is very picky when it comes to strange consistencies, but he still painted! You can see the unsure look on his face.

This activity, paper tearing, was a no-go.  He wanted to roll around on the floor instead.

Coloring is still not a favorite.  But he was pretty proud of his circles on the table!

I probably shouldn't have done this next activity in the living room.  I don't know where two of the flowers are and the main paper went missing for a week.  I finally found it last night.

Our random non-color-related activity was bath tub painting.  I have seen this floating around pinterest and wanted to give it a try.  Much to my surprise, Tanner enjoyed it! 

Tot School


  1. We are doing colors too! Love that sensory bin!

  2. We are working on colors too! Great ideas here and Tanner is so cute!