Friday, July 26, 2013

July Phone Photo Dump (19 Months Old)

Since Tanner is still 19 months old, there wont be as many pictures in this photo dump.  

He's a little big for the wagon. But that doesn't stop him!

He LOVES playing in the ottoman. He brings the ball bin over to it and dumps it out every morning.

Tanner, what's on your shirt? "AT!" (Airplane)

Frozen yogurt was a hit!

AH! Toys everywhere!

He loved the big fish at the kid's discovery center.

New haircut.  I couldn't get a good picture though.  He talks a lot.

Watching Mickey before bed one night

He just sat there flipping the pages back and forth.

He makes me giggle.  He slept like this for 30 minutes.  And when he rolled over and the blanket moved, he grabbed it and put it back on his head.

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