Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fall is here! And 9 month update!

Well, sort of.  I think we have maybe 3-4 weeks of nice Autumn weather here in Oklahoma.  It feels amazing outside in the mornings and evenings.  But during the day it's still in the 90s (which still beats 100+).  Tanner loves to get outside in the mornings and evenings!  He will walk around with his push walker and try to eat grass.  

Running is still going well.  I'm doing it every other day because my joints and shins can't take too much at one time.  I guess I'm finally getting old.  

Tanner turned 9 months old on Saturday.  I'm glad his best buddy turned one on the same day because it kept us busy and I probably would have cried.  9 months.  He's been out longer than I was pregnant with him now.  And he is just growing and learning so much, so quickly.  He can say momma, dada, ha, and ba.  He growls, giggles, laughs, whispers.  He can wave when he wants to, give high 5s, and is working on blowing kisses.  He loves to give kisses, and blow raspberries on me.  He knows how to make me laugh and loves it.  He can walk holding only one of our hands now, and when he has both of our hands, he pretty much runs.  He is getting into EVERYTHING!  He is so smart.

He was 19.9 lbs and 27.3 inches at his appointment.  He had to get his flu shot but took it like a champ.  

He is napping ok.  He is great at going down for them but doesn't sleep too long.  Naps range anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours (and hardly ever 2 hours). He goes to sleep at night great, too!  He is still waking up a few times at night, but I really don't mind too much.  

I still can't believe he is 9 months old.  I look at my newborn pictures I have of him and he looks like a completely different baby!  He is starting to look more and more like me.  :)

Trying to eat the grass, again.

Daddy to the rescue!

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