Sunday, September 16, 2012

Spouse Flight

Nick's squadron had a fun filled Friday.  It started with spouse flights in the T-1, a burger burn, and a squadron re-designation.  And then we had a party Saturday night!  

Nick's squadron was the 32nd, but after Friday it is now the 3rd.  Word was flying around saying we were "dropping a deuce".  Get it?  Deuce? Two? Haha.

Originally I was planning on doing a T-1 simulator only, because 1) I don't like to fly, and 2) Tanner has a pretty strict schedule.  I didn't want to mess that up, since he has been doing so well lately.  I also didn't know when I would be able to pump, as he has my milk supply perfect right now.  I was so worried I would be gone and he would be hungry and upset.

Nick told me a few weeks ago that there were several spots still open for the spouse flights, and that he really wanted me to see what it is he does.  Deep down I knew I should.  I still didn't want to, but I knew I needed to.

The day finally came, and it was raining!  Great.  This wasn't helping my anxiety.  We got to the squadron and Tanner was crawling around having fun with the some other babies.  I went to the briefings on weather/safety/what to expect.  And then it was time to chill out for a while.  I was scheduled to fly on the second go, so I would be able to feed Tanner again before I flew and he went down for his nap.  Nick took him home and put him down.  And a few spouses and I went to check out the simulator for a while.  (The T-1 simulator can do barrel rolls, by the way).

A little blurry, but super cute.  Sleepy boy.

Once we returned to the squadron we were told the flight before us was 30+ minutes late, which would make us 30+ minutes late taking off.  I instantly went into freak out mode.  I wanted to back out and hang out with my baby. Nick reassured me Tanner was fine, still sleeping, and the flight would be back (even after the delay) in time to feed Tanner.  

The time finally came and we hopped on the bus and drove to the flight line.  We ended up having to wait quite a while more, still.  But eventually our jet landed.  We climbed on board and got buckled into our seats.  But unfortunately our headsets weren't working.  So after 10 additional minutes and a new 'Y' cord, our headsets began working and we took off!  

Sitting on the bus, waiting for our jet.

There it is! #088! Lucky number!

The other jet that we met up with in the air.

No turning back now!


Take off in a small T-1 is a lot bumpier and faster than commercial.  It was actually pretty cool.  Hearing the pilots go over their check lists and talk to the control tower was reassuring.  We broke through the rain clouds and got to see the sun!  After about 30 minutes we met up with the other T-1 and did some practice air refueling.  We got around 75 feet apart from the other jet.  But apparently they get a lot closer when they have students.  

No more rain! Pretty!

Hard to tell, but there is a wind farm down there.

Joining up with the other jet.

So close!

Turning together

We had a nice hour long flight.  Once we safely landed I quickly sent a text to Nick to see how Tanner was.  Of course the one time Nick puts Tanner down for his nap, Tanner sleeps for 2 hours!  He never does that for me.  I was so relieved.  We got back into the bus and drove back to the squadron.  Nick and Tanner were waiting for me.  Tanner gave me a big kiss.  We went to the burger burn, ate some food, and went to the hangar for the squadron re-designation. After that, it was Tanner's nap time again.  We had Kaitlin and Lucas over for dinner that night as well. It actually turned out to be a great day!

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