Sunday, September 2, 2012

Lazy Sunday

I'm really starting to enjoy our routines. Having some structure to my day helps me relax. Every Sunday we've started going to the bowling alley on base for lunch. And after lunch, Tanner and I watch Nick bowl a few games. He joined (more like was asked several times to join) the squadron bowling league. So he likes to get some practice in. And Tanner enjoys watching his daddy bowl. 

The people who work at the bowling alley know us well now. They are actually pretty excited they get to watch Tanner grow up in the next few years. And Tanner saved his first wave for the lady running the lanes today, haha.

Tanner is starting to sleep better at night now. And his naps are going so well. I'm actually scared to talk about it because he is so good at making me a liar and I'll probably jinx it. But today he never fussed for his naps. I put him down, he smiled, and went to sleep. Both times. He still wakes up 3-4 times a night, though, but we're working on that.

Tomorrow is Nick's last day of paternity leave/Holiday time. It was so nice to just hang out around the house and enjoy spending time with him and Tanner. He starts flying with students this next week, so he will be busy all day, every day. It's going to be hard getting use to that again. And Tanner will have to get use to his daddy not being home a lot, too.

But, in other news, it's September! Obviously. But this is the beginning of my very favorite time of year! I love Fall! Pumpkins, apples, cool air, turning leaves, HALLOWEEN! I'm so happy! Although it was 105 degrees here today. Which is terrible. But it will be nice before too long. And once the weather gets cooler, I'm looking forward to planting some tulip bulbs in my flower beds!

Things are good! :)

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