Tuesday, September 18, 2012

10 Years!

Today is a pretty special day for Nick and me.  Ten years ago today, we became a couple!  It was a pretty awkward day, that we laugh about now.  But it was great!  We've been through so much.  4 years being high school sweethearts, 4 years long distance through college, 2 years married, and a baby.  

I'm going though some pictures I have from High School and all these memories come flooding to me.  It's been so long ago, but it feels like just a couple of years.  I'm so thankful to have Nick in my life.  We pretty much grew up together.  And looking through those pictures just makes me love him more.  

Happy sort-of anniversary, Nick!  I love you!

After school one day with JROTC

Sophomore year JROTC Military Ball

Rifle meet. (Read: me kicking some major butt!)

My 18th Birthday at Olive Garden

Signing a card to grandma Richardson.

Awards day 2006


Academy football!

Newly engaged.  On the phone telling family.

Academy Ring Dance

Toby Keith concert

Seeing and holding Tanner for the very first time.

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