Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2 Months

Little man is 2 months old today and 9 weeks old tomorrow!  How does this happen so fast? Seriously.  How?

He had his 2 month appointment this morning.  Of course he had a huge poopy diaper and a completely soaked pee diaper before we left the house.  I know it probably doesn't mean much, but every ounce counts with this guy!  We ended up weighing 9lb 7oz and was 21.75 inches long.  Both are in the 9th percentile.  Dr. M was not concerned because he is proportionate, and eating/pooping/peeing just fine.  His head is in the 29th percentile, though.  Big brain=smarty...right? :)

She checked his head (made sure there were no flat spots), checked his hips, ears, eyes, and gums.  Everything looks great.  She was surprised how he likes to stand up and actually bears a little weight.  She asked us about tummy time and if he has rolled over yet.  I told her he has a few times but we don't know if it was a fluke or not.  She picked him up and put him on his belly and he raised his head just fine and then tried to roll over.  He was so cute.

He was in such a great mood this morning, which made it much worse.  I knew once he got his shots he would be so sad and sore.  I made Nick take him back to get his shots.  3 shots and an oral vaccine.  I could hear him scream from the waiting room.  It just broke my heart to pieces.  He's been really sleepy since.

He did stay up long enough to enjoy Baby Time at the library today.  He sat and watched the big kids dance and read books.  I think he will really like it once he gets a little bigger!

Since this post is pretty long I will post a few pictures from my phone.  Can you tell I love my little sleeping baby?

Nick got his training dates today.  We're going to San Antonio next month until July.  Luckily my friend's husband has training there around the same time too! Her little guy is 3 months older than Tanner.  I can't wait to be in a city where we can do things with the kids!

And since Nick has his dates set...we can buy plane tickets to go home...THIS MONTH!  Nick and I haven't been home in almost 2 years!  I'm so excited! (Not too excited to try to figure out how to travel with a 2 month old on a plane...).

Baby's awake...gotta go!

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