Friday, February 17, 2012

Blog Hijack

Hi everyone, this is Nick, Lindsey's husband. I'm Hijacking Lindsey's blog for a post so I can say thank you to some people. 

Today, I graduate from pilot training and I'll officially be an Air Force pilot. This has been a tough year and quite honestly I could not have made it through without the help and support of several people. 

My friends and classmates here at Vance as well as their wives have helped Lindsey and I out so much. All the friends that came in to the hospital to see us and Tanner and bring us food and gifts.  And all the wives that have taken Lindsey in and enjoyed time with her during my long days at work. We are very lucky to have all of you. 

Lindsey's family has provided so much support for me as well. Lindsey's mom came out and helped a ton during the last weeks of Lindsey's pregnancy and first weeks of Tanner's life especially when I had my biggest check ride in all of pilot training a week after he was born. Her dad will finally get to meet Tanner for the first time in a few days. And we are so excited to see him again. 

My family has helped a lot as well. My dad was always helpful when I needed advice on pretty much anything. My mom has been my personal driving force my whole life. She's worked her tail off to raise my brother and me. Working two jobs and being a single mom for I don't even know how many years. Whenever I'm having a rough day, I just think about how rough she's had it her whole life and I realize I can't really complain, because, heck, I fly planes for a living. I've always made it a goal to be a positive role model for my brother and I'm glad to see how hard he is working in school and making good decisions for his life. 

To my wife. Lindsey, you are the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. Ever since that day in high school when one of your friends came up and told me you liked me, you have made me a better person. You raised my self-esteem at that low point in my life and you have never stopped supporting me and my goals. You have sacrificed so much for me and I really haven't said thank you enough, but I don't know that I ever could.  I still can't believe you slept on the couch with a 6 day old in your arms just so I could get a good night of sleep before my big check ride.

I'm done now. I'm sure Lindsey will post some pictures of the ceremony and everything when she has a chance. Sorry, but I don't have any new pictures for you right now, but we will soon.  Thanks for reading. 

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