Monday, February 20, 2012

Graduation Day

I am beyond proud of my husband!  As you can tell from the previous post he wrote, he graduated pilot training on Friday morning.  He has worked so hard the past year and all that hard work paid off!  He received 3 awards.  The AETC Commander's Trophy, The Flying Training Award, and Distinguished Graduate.  But best of all, he received his pilot's wings!  Tanner did so well during the ceremony!  There was only one time where he got a little fussy, and we all soon found out why.  As the commander was announcing the distinguished visitors he let out a HUGE, EXPLOSIVE poop!  Nick was sitting several rows away and heard him.  I couldn't stop laughing, neither could everyone sitting around us.

After Graduation we were able to go check out a C-17 that arrived for some of the guys in Nick's class who will be flying it in a few months.  It was huge!

That's me standing there.  I'm 5 feet tall, so you can see how huge it is!

We had a fancy dinner that night.  It was the first time I left Tanner for a long period of time.  (I am so incredibly thankful for friends!  I didn't worry about him at all!)

The rest of the weekend we just hung out trying to relax a little.  It was a very long and busy week.

I just realized we were all wearing blue.

We have another busy week ahead of us!  We are leaving at 2:30 in the morning to drive to the city to catch a flight home.  We haven't been home to NC in almost 2 years.  My dad and sister will finally get to meet Tanner, as will Nick's grandparents and extended family.  It will be so nice to go home for a while!  At the end of the week, we are going to fly to Tampa to see my grandparents for a day before we head home!

Wish us luck...we're going to attempt to fly with a 2.5 month old and a cat.  Should be an exciting blog post. :)

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