Tuesday, February 7, 2012

So Proud

I am so proud of my husband!  He has wanted to be a pilot since he was 4 years old.  He worked his way through high school to get the very best grades so he could go to the very best college to have that chance of becoming a pilot.  The 4 years at the Air Force Academy were very hard, but he made it though with flying colors.  He started pilot training one year ago and has since had 12 hour days at work and even more to do once he got home, all week long, including weekends.  It was a very difficult year but he made it.  I had no doubts.  

On Friday, Nick had his Assignment Night.  This is the night where everyone in his class find out what plane they are going to fly after Graduation from pilot training.  Nick's number one choice was to stay here, in Oklahoma, for at least 3 more years as an instructor pilot.  He would teach future Air Force pilots.  Thankfully, Nick was given his number one choice!  Of course, Oklahoma really has to grow on you.  We are out in the middle of nowhere and 2 hours away from anything.  But the pros to this choice greatly outweigh the cons.  

  • Nick will have a ton of flying hours.  And this will look great on his resume once he retires from the military.
  • He enjoys flying the T-1.
  • He is an amazing teacher. He is very patient and understanding.
  • He will be home for Holidays and Birthdays for at least 3 years.  Which means he can watch Tanner grow up.
  • Best of all, he will be able to have a chance on getting the plane he really wants to fly when this assignment is over, whatever he decides that will be when the time comes.  
The rose Nick gave me, along with the bottle of champagne, my card, and  Nick's class beer mug.

After Nick got his assignment he was given a bottle of champagne and his new patches. (The champagne will probably be a decoration for our kitchen, as Nick and I both don't like it).  I was able to meet some very nice wives from the 32nd Squadron (Nick's new squadron).  They gave me a card.  It was very welcoming.  

"FAIP" stands for First Assignment Instructor Pilot.

This is Nick standing in front of the plane he will be teaching others how to fly.  It's the T-1A Jayhawk.   Too bad the weather was nasty that day.
So now we are waiting for Nick's dates for training.  We will be going down to San Antonio for 5 months or so so he can learn how to be an instructor.  We are hoping we can figure out a way to get our cats down there so Tanner and I can go with him.  

Nick will graduate on the 17th of this month.  He will finally have his pilot's wings!  I hope to have a few pictures from the cermony and dinner that night to post here.

In other news...

Tanner is wearing his pocket diapers!  He can pretty much fit in the Smartipants (with a lot of adjusting around his skinny thighs).  He doesn't fit in his Kawaii yet, though.  I love them!  I'm so glad I bought them and picked the colors I did!

This is the first pocket we put on him.  It looks huge in the picture, but it really looks better in person.

My favorite color diaper...black!

Tanner has his 2 month appointment tomorrow.  I can't wait to see how much he weighs and how long he is!  But he's getting his shots too. :( I'll update again tomorrow.

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