Saturday, September 10, 2011

I guess I'm pretty bad at this...

I think I know what my problem is with this whole late updating thing.  There are several things throughout the week that I want to post in a blog but I always tell myself I'll wait and add it to the weekly update.  But when it's time to do the update I either end up forgetting what I was going to talk about or forgetting to blog at all.  So for now on I think I'll probably have a few little short posts throughout the week, hopefully, and then a weekly update.  I know it will be easier to update when Tanner is actually here because I will want to take tons of pictures to post so my family can watch him grow and not miss out on stuff.  Plus, I wont be working, so that helps out a ton.

So today I'm 28 1/2 weeks.  I don't know if my belly looks any bigger from other people's view but it sure feels different.  It's a lot harder, and Tanner is a lot bigger.  I feel kicks, punches, and flipping in different spots at the same time.  I think he likes to dance.  I will play a song on my phone and put it to my belly and he moves each time.  I've also felt hiccups a few more times.

Some symptoms...hmmm.  I get heartburn at work often.  I think it's because I work nights and that's when I usually feel it.  I get it at home too, but I can usually ignore it and go back to sleep.  Thank goodness for Pepcid, even though it makes me gag when I chew the chalky pill.  Yuck.  But it's pretty much instant relief.

I also think I'm getting quite a few Braxton Hicks contractions at work.  It doesnt' hurt but it feels strange.  My whole belly gets hard.  I'm going to ask the doctor on Tuesday how I can differentiate between BH contractions and baby's positioning.  But I'm pretty sure it's BH contractions I'm feeling.  And in between those and my still swelling feet/legs, I get cramps in my abdomen when I do a lot of pushing/pulling at work.  It's pretty hard to avoid when staffing isn't that great.  I'm going to talk to the doctor about that too.

But yes, I'm still swelling.  Cutting back at work has helped, but it seems like I'm swelling more at home now, when I'm not doing anything.  I'm hoping that is normal swelling now.  I don't know.

My appetite is changing too, I think.  I'm not really getting that 'hungry' feeling anymore.  I'm not eating as much during the day.  I'll eat because I know I need to.  I don't know if that's coming from my stomach getting squished or if I'd just rather sleep.  I don't feel like I'm ever not tired any more.  I hate night shift.  The only plus, is I really enjoy the people I work with.

Now, back to movement...Just now as I was typing this I felt my stomach get kind of tight.  I felt it and it was obviously baby.  Nick put his hand on him and was able to move him.  It's pretty cool to interact with this little thing growing inside of me.  I'm so looking forward to interacting with him on the outside. But...

I've been having mixed emotions lately.  We have less than 3 months left until Tanner's due date.  I'm so excited to have this new chapter of my life starting!  But at the same time Nick and I have less than 3 months of it just being the two of us.  And I feel like I'm missing out of it.  When Nick's home I'm working or catching up on sleep and when Nick's at work I'm home.

On a positive note, the weather here the past week has been incredible!  We had 55-60 days of 100+ degree weather this summer.  It was so incredibly miserable.  But the past week the hottest it got was in the mid 80's I think.  The 70s feel so great!  Each window in the house is open and I'm back to going for my nightly walks.  The cats love when the back door is open.  They chirp at the birds on the bird bath.  And best of all, the nice weather puts me in a good mood, even if I'm tired.  I walked to the commissary yesterday for some bagel bites.  It always puts me in a good mood (the walk and the bagel bites-haha).  I think we have a few days this next week that will be in the 90s.  It's not open window weather, but it's better than the 110 we're use to.  And besides, it's going back into the 80s after that.  I love it!

Well, that's all the rambling I can think about right now.  I'll post on Tuesday for sure after my doctor's visit. And I'll try harder to just post some short posts when I think of something I was to say instead of waiting.

Now, for a belly picture.  (Not my favorite part of this updating thing)

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