Thursday, August 25, 2011

26 weeks

So I skipped week 25.  I really didn't mean to, it just seems like my days are all meshing together, especially working nights.  I forget what day it is and before I know it a week has gone by.

This week I've doing pretty good, I guess.  I haven't worked in a week (which has been amazing), but I go back tonight.  My sleep schedule is completely screwed up, and I know it's not pregnancy related, at least not all related.  I don't like this.

Tanner is still very active! The kicks, punches, and rolls are getting stronger.  The other night I was laying in bed and trying to think of the last time I felt him kick.  I was pretty busy all day so I hadn't paid much attention to it.  So I push on my belly a little bit and BAM he kicked right back. I was able to rest a little better knowing he's still moving around in there. Thanks, buddy, already a Momma's boy!  I can see my belly move at times too.  It's easier to see kicks when I'm on the couch with my lap top on my belly and it will jump around.  It really never gets old.

I'm starting to realize how squished my stomach is.  I get hungry and after eating a normal amount I feel like my stomach is going to explode.  It's so miserable at times.  And almost immediately after I digest a little I get hungry again!  I'm trying to snack on fruit more than bad things, but I still have some chocolate everyday.  That's my 'normal', not pregnancy related. :)  I do love my lucky charms though.  I'm also starting to like cream cheese (preferrably the strawberry kind) on bagles.  That's never been something I've wanted before, but it's good!

I'm really having a hard time adjusting to this new body.  I'm so jealous of the girls that have the adorable baby bump.  I'm realizing my body just doesn't work that way.  I gain weight in my face, hips, butt, belly, and boobs.  I don't see myself in the mirror anymore.  It's very depressing.  I know it's worth it, and I really wouldn't trade anything, but I'm extremely nervous about how my body is changing and how hard it is going to be to loose weight after Tanner is born.  I already had a negative self-image of myself, and never really liked the way I looked, so this isn't making it any easier.  But now, after taking my weekly bump shots, I see myself at the beginning and I actually see myself different than I did then.  I would love to get back to that size.  It's amazing what you're mind can do to you.

A positive note...this is the last week in the second trimester! :)

Here's a little comparison. 6 weeks and 26 weeks.

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