Sunday, August 14, 2011

24 weeks! Viability! AND Nursery!

Today I am 24 weeks 4 days.  It's amazing to know that at 24 weeks, a baby has a chance to live if, God forbid, it is born this early. I can't believe we're this far along already! 

Other than the constant swelling, back pain, heartburn, and sciatica, I'm feeling great! (I would be feeling better if I didn't work nights and actually had decent sleep).  I went to the doctor's office to my my doctor's nurse on Wednesday morning.  She did a few checks, said I'm not spilling any protein in my urine (yet), but I do have a UTI that I had NO idea I had.  No symptoms.  My blood pressure is also just fine.  She advised me to continue watching it, and if it ever rises to 140/90 or more to come get checked out.  She also mentioned how she doesn't know how much longer I'll be able to work because I'm swelling as much as a full term pregnancy can.  And I have 15 +/- more weeks to go!  She checked my hands and ankles for my swelling.  I was swelling more than I thought as well, because it was all the way to my knees. (I had just gotten off work, as well).  She moved my appointment that was scheduled for the 25th to this Tuesday, the 16th.  I also have my glucose testing that day.  Not looking forward to that one.  I have to go to work that night and I've heard after drinking the glucose drink you can feel pretty crappy. But, I'm looking forward to getting a check up to see how little boy is doing!

 I absolutely love the daily kicks, punches, and hiccups. I can't help but smile every time!  Lately I will feel this strange sensation and movement in my belly, I'll put my hand on that spot and I can feel Tanner.  I don't know if it's a baby butt, or head or maybe even a back but I love it!  I'll rub it a little, especially if it feels a little uncomfortable, and he'll move away.  

The nursery is coming along very nicely!  It's actually very adorable, and I can't wait to spend time in there with my little guy. I'll add quite a few pictures of the nursery project:

Here is a dresser that needed a little fixin' up.  We took the colors in the crib bedding to match colors.

Here's the crib my sweet hubby put together!

I had a few extra little pillows I figured would help during feedings, so I took the paint chips from the dresser to Hobby Lobby and found a great fabric.

Here's our little big helper.

And a few pictures of what we have so far...

AND.......A bump picture...

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