Saturday, August 6, 2011

23 Weeks

It's been a long week, pregnancy and non pregnancy related.  I started my first week of night shift.  The work isn't hard, just getting back to a normal schedule is.

Last weekend we got the crib, stroller, and car seat.  We also finished the dresser for the nursery.  We started working hard on it, and I began thinking of a ton of ideas for the room.  But Tuesday rolled around and I went to work.  It's now Saturday, I have no idea why this day got here so fast, and honestly I don't like it much.  I want to get back into the groove of getting the nursery put together, but once that happens, it will be time for work again.

Relating to pregnancy, this week has been something else.  Heartburn has kicked in.  I've never had heartburn before, and now it's a daily occurrence.  Pepcid is my new best friend.

I've also gotten more and more swelling.  I noticed the swelling over 6 weeks ago, but this week it's gotten to the point where I'm starting to worry about it a little.  I go to work or stand up for a little while and I no longer have ankles.  It takes a couple of days resting and not being on my feet to get rid of the 3+ pitting edema in my feet.  I've also had to take off my rings.  Luckily my sweet husband bought me a new, larger ring to wear while I'm all poofy.  My face is so swollen as well.

I'm also having more and more trouble breathing.  It's hard to determine whether it's from the swelling or from Tanner squishing my insides.  But it's awfully early for either one isn't it?

Here are my ankles right after getting home from work Friday morning.

    And here is a picture of one of my ankles after 12 hours of rest and staying off my feet.  I pressed on it to show how much swelling was still there.

I was swelling a little at my last appointment but my doctor didn't seemed phased by it at all.  He's super lax on a ton of things, which in itself worries me.  My BP is still good, so that's a plus.  But I'm going to keep an eye on it and keep monitoring my BP.  Also going to up my water intake and lower salt.

Another thing that has hit pretty hard this past week is sciatica.  Ouch.  It feels like I am getting stabbed each time I move my leg.  Luckily today it isn't too bad.

I can't really comment on how my sleep is.  I'm still trying to get into some sort of routine with night shift.  Last night I went to sleep at midnight, slept until 2:30am, and stayed awake until 6am.  Once Nick got up to go work out I slept a couple more hours.  Hopefully it's better tonight.  I think if it wasn't for night shift I would be sleeping just fine.

Here is my 23 week 3 day bump picture.  My swollen face and massive boobs give my belly a run for it's money.

And here is a fun picture.  It's the "view from up here", with one of my cats, Harry, joining in.

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