Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Doctor's visit and clothes!

I had my 29 week appointment at 2pm today.  I worked last night and only slept a few hours so my doctor doctor's nurse was able to check out my swelling. It's still really bad.  This morning when I was getting ready to leave work my ankles were completely gone.  It was horrible.  But my blood pressure is still perfect.

I got to the doctor's office and was immediately called back.  It was a little strange.  There was no one in the waiting room.  Usually I have to wait a while.  Anyway, I got called back, got weighed (I hated seeing the number on the scale, but it's only 3+ lbs in a month).  I peed in a cup and got my blood pressure taken.  I found out I once again have a UTI.  I have absolutely no symptoms.  (My my doctor said he has seen a few people lately have resistance to the antibiotic I took last month, so he prescribed me something different.)  The nurse took me to a room and told me my doctor was "catching a baby" next door at the hospital. So I waited about 25 minutes in the room.  I completely understand and in a way it was nice to know that in a couple months, I could be that person in labor and my doctor would be there instead of at the clinic.  

When my doctor came back he did the usual and checked Tanner's heart rate.  Staying true to the old wive's tale his  heart rate was 135.  I asked my doctor about pushing and pulling at work and cramping.  He said I need to be careful because during pregnancy your ab muscles stretch so much and there is a weak spot where you can push/pull too much and get a hernia.  I also asked him if there is a way to tell the difference between braxton hicks contractions and baby positioning.  He said there is no way to know unless you're hooked up to the monitors.   He said if I have 4 in an hour, I'm probably pushing it activity wise and I need to lay down for a while.  If I have 6 or more, I need to go to the hospital and get hooked up to monitors.  I'm thinking last week at work I had three during the night.  So I know I need to take it slow.  They did tell me that I need to tell them if/when I need to stop work. 

I know next week is going to be so tough on me.  Working two nights on, two off, two on, two off, and then two on again.  I'm not looking forward to it at all, and apparently we are "short staffed" those days in the middle when I wanted to take off one day.  I don't know what I'm going to do.  I know so many women who work right up to the day they go into labor, but I honestly don't think I can do it.  

Once I got done with my appointment and was getting ready to walk out of the room, my doctor got another call because another patient was pushing and ready to deliver her baby.  He said he had 4 babies born yesterday and working on 3 today.  It made me more and more excited, and nervous at the same time.
When I got home I got a knock at the door.  It was the mailman delivering a package that I've been anxiously waiting for.  Two weekends ago Carter's and Osh Kosh Bigosh were having a 50% off everything online and in stores.  So Nick and I went shopping (online of course,  we have to drive an hour and a half to go shopping here in Oklahoma).  So I took a few pictures to show off here on my blog.  I love everything we ordered!

The box! Yay!

Nick really liked this hooded towel.  I have to agree.

And I absolutely love this little jacket! It's size 3 months, so I hope it will work out for this winter.  It's so soft, and I wish we had more!  The other colors were sold out.

We had to get a little something country for our little guy.  I'm planning on taking him to atwoods and getting some little cowboy boots and Carhartt overalls next year.  This shirt is 12 months so I hope it ends up working next year.

I absolutely love this blue jean jacket! It's 12 months and I hope it fits him next year!

Well, I'm probably going to go get some dinner put together.  I will be 29 weeks tomorrow, which is so exciting! I can't believe I'm almost 3/4 done!

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