Friday, September 16, 2011

Fall cleaning

Three days ago it was 101 degrees here.  Yesterday it never made it to 60.  Today it's the same.  I'm really enjoying this weather.  I've got the doors open and the chill is filling the house a little.  At the same time, I realize it's probably time to go through my closet.  So I did just that this morning, and boy was it depressing.  I took out so many things!

 Most of my long sleeve shirts don't cover my belly now.  I have a few that I could probably wear a tank top underneath and maybe get away with wearing it in public.  And out of the many, many pairs of jeans, I only have one that still fits.  Which I am completely satisfied with!  It buttons pretty low, under my belly, and I'm hoping I can continue to wear it for a while to come.

I am pretty happy with the maternity clothes I have though.  I have a few pants, some jeans, two sweaters, and a bunch of shirts.  I think I will be ok for a little while.  I hope the weather doesn't get too cold before November 30th...I don't think my jackets would fit very well right now. Ha.

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