Sunday, September 25, 2011

30 Weeks!

I still can't believe I'm in the last stretch of this pregnancy!  10 weeks left! I had the best day yesterday!  We live about an hour and a half away from any good shopping/restaurants.  So last week Nick asked me if I wanted to go down to the city to eat at Red Robin and then go to Barnes and Noble to get some baby books.  Loving red Robin and the idea of looking for some baby books for the bookshelf in the nursery I of course said, "YES!".  So we drove down to the city yesterday.  Nick kept pushing me to "stay hydrated" by bringing along some iced tea in the car.  I told him I didn't want to have to go to the bathroom on the way to the city.  We finally got to Red Robin. I happily ordered my fried chicken salad and strawberry lemonaid.  Once we were done we got up to go to back to the car, and while I was walking back I realized I probably should have used the bathroom.  I guess once I stand up Tanner squishes my bladder.  Nick said I could find a bathroom at Barnes and Noble.  We were driving around and I saw the bookstore on the left side of the road,  but our car was on the right.  So being the back seat driver observant wife I am, I mentioned we should be in the other lane.  Nick said he wanted to make a pit stop at another place and pulled into a parking spot at this place called Stork Vision.  I immediately got excited!  (I casually mentioned over a month ago that it would be pretty neat to have a 3D/4D ultrasound to see Tanner's face, since my doctor will not do any more ultrasounds)

I was really nervous though.  It said "By appointment only" on the front door.  Nick kept saying we'll just go in and make an appointment for another time.  So we walked in, and the receptionist asked my name.  I was hesitant to tell her because I just wanted to make an appointment, I didn't want to look stupid and have to tell her we didn't have one. She then  asked me to sign in.  I kept looking at Nick, not wanting to sign in.  But he just picked up the pen and handed it to me.  I gave him the side eye, still feeling very awkward.  The receptionist then said, "Is this a surprise?".  I just stood there looking strange, I'm sure.  Nick finally spoke up and said, "She still thinks we don't have an appointment".  I felt so relieved, and so excited!  Apparently Nick made this appointment last week.  They called my doctor and got the paperwork done and everything was set up.  I was going to be able to see my baby's face!

We went back to the little ultrasound room and got started.  We found out Tanner is still a boy, and he is very stubborn.  He had his little hands and arms curled up around his face for the longest time!  The tech tried her hardest to bother him by poking my belly, trying to get him to move a little bit.  For 20 minutes he would only show a little bit of an eye and a peek at his nose.  So I got up to go to the bathroom to see if he would move a little bit.  (Now it makes since as to why Nick was wanting me to "stay hydrated, and have a sugary drink at lunch").  I returned to the room and Tanner brought his little leg up by his face to try to hide more.  Of course.      But the tech continued to try to get him to move, and for a split second, he did!  She was able to get some pictures of his precious little face.  We also got a video of the ultrasound!

This is what we saw for most of the ultrasound.  He had his arms covering his face.

Here he is teasing us by showing just a little bit of his face.

Finally! What a precious face! I am so in love with those cheeks!

I can't believe that's my baby! I love my husband so much for doing this!

And Nick being the great husband (and soon to be daddy) he is we still went to Barnes and Noble to get baby books. I think he enjoyed that part more than I did.  I really wanted one book, the little Bible.  Nick really liked the little boy books. (Yes, that's a cat tail in the picture, they missed us when we were gone).

We went to the mall to try to find some nice sunglasses, with no luck.  So we drove 20 minuted to go to Carters.  Which by one of my last posts about shopping online, was a very bad idea.  We found so much we liked!  We got some more onesies and a few little outfits.  We also got a fleece sleeper which will be great for the cold winter months.

They are SO nosey!

I know this is already a pretty long post, but since it's kind of my weekly update, I should update.

It started pretty much on the day I turned 30 weeks, last Wednesday.  I have gotten so uncomfortable.  It's hard to move around, tie my shoes, get out of bed or off the couch.  I feel like I'm carrying around two tree trunks, my legs, because my swelling just doesn't go away anymore.  I was told the other day my a fellow nurse, that I need to change doctors.  (I'm just going to try to take it slow still, my BP is still good). The end is in sight.  I'm pretty sure I know what my last day of work will be before baby comes. I just need to stick it out a little bit more.   BUT if it gets to be any harder than it is now, I'll be asking my doctor to stop work. It's gotten pretty tough the last few times I've worked, I'm just hoping that's the worse it will get.  We'll see.

By working nights, I have realized I am a morning person.  I miss waking up in the actual morning (instead of 1pm/4pm after working) and enjoying a cup of coffee and breakfast.  I miss having my whole day.  I feel like the days just fly by now because I sleep them away.  And speaking of sleep, it sucks.  It takes forever for me to fall asleep, and it's very, very normal for me to wake up at 1am and not be able to fall asleep again until 3:30 or later.  I know I would be having this problem if I didn't work nights, but I can't see working nights helping the problem either.  Last night was the first night I actually had great sleep in weeks. I fell asleep immediately and woke up once or twice.  But of course, I have to work tonight, so I'm back to the crappy sleep schedule.

As far as cravings go, I have just a couple.  One is pretty bad, the others, not bad at all. I crave milk.  Chocolate milk, or white milk.  Either will suffice.  And with this craving, I am wanting cereal all the time.  I use to have Lucky Charms daily, but I finally got tired of that.  My go to cereal now is blueberry shredded mini wheats. YUM!!! Also, hot fudge Sundays...............

And here is my 30.5 week belly pic.  Apparently my belly now pokes out farther than my boobs, which really says something...(Also, I'll add a picture of my 10 week belly for comparison). 

And with the weather getting cooler and September coming to an end (is it just me or did September FLY by?!?!?!) I'm going to get my Halloween decorations out!

It's been such a great few days, I hope work tonight and tomorrow night doesn't ruin it.

Now, if you've read all of this, I applaud you.  Sorry it was so long!

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  1. Your ultrasound pictures are absolutely adorable dear! ...and yes I totally blinked September by as well!