Monday, June 4, 2012

Blogging slump

Call it a blogging slump, writer's block, or laziness. I just haven't had the desire to blog.

We have a great routine with Tanner right now. He naps great and has a very steady bed time. Once he goes to bed I always think that is when I will blog. But I end up on the couch with nick relaxing and catching up in some taped TV shows.

Then I realize I'm not taking as many pictures with the good camera as I use to. I'm taking a ton withy phone, but it's not the same. But then it hit me, I started this blogging slump when we moved to Texas for Nick's training. This isn't home. We don't have any of our own things here. I don't have my computer set up at a desk, because we don't have one here. Tanner doesn't nap by himself because his crib is in Oklahoma (a story I probably should save for another post, I hope I can remember that...). We are only here in Texas for one more month. Then we get to go back home and unpack in our new house.

I honesty think I will be able to blog better when we are home. I still have a lot of blogging material I can cover while we are still here though. I'll throw out some ideas of things I want to blog soon. Hopefully that leaves me accountable and I will actually get it done.

Solids, first time at the park, play dates, 3-6 month baby things we couldn't live without, 6 month post (6 months??!?!!), pool, father's day...

Just give me some time, I promise I'll be back!

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