Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It's the little things

Ever since moving to Texas for a 4 month TDY Tanner has been napping while being held.  Either nick or I would hold him for both of his naps every single day.  At first it really didn't bother me.  We didn't have his crib here, or any of our furniture (a reclining sofa that he use to nap on, which is very difficult for him to move on).  I also enjoy holding him because I know he is growing so fast and he won't want me to hold him like that forever.  And I have a Kindle Fire that sits easily next to him and I can use with one hand.  I have read 10 books since the end of April, all while Tanner has been sleeping.

I also realize how non productive that is.  So I have been trying to get Tanner to sleep in the pack n play for his naps.  I started out not really worrying about it because he goes to sleep in it for the night easily.  I didn't want to force anything and have bedtime get screwed up.  So I went slow.  Well, I am still going slow.  Today has been a week of nap #1 in the pack n play.  I nurse him in the living room and hold him until he gets super drowsy, and most of the time he is already sleeping in my arms.  Then I put him in the pack n play and he immediately rolls over to his side and goes back to sleep.  He stays asleep for an hour, almost to the minute.  This morning it was closer to an hour and a half. Which I attribute to not sleeping last night, yawn!

Today is the very first time he has had both of his naps in the pack n play.  I may be pushing it though, as he is still sleeping. I keep hearing little noises on the monitor and expecting him to start talking or scratching on the side of the pack n play.  I doubt he will stay asleep as long as he usually does for his afternoon nap.  But I'm sure that will come with consistency.  

It was a lot harder to get him to fall asleep this time than it is in the mornings. I figured I would nurse him in bed, in the dark room and then just move him over, but he was having none of that. But after an hour of rocking and soothing and singing to him he fell asleep and stayed asleep.  I still don't let him cry it out, it's just not something I want to do.  

Now with all this extra time I have on my hands I can get some stuff done!  Like playing around on Pinterest. :)

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