Monday, June 18, 2012

Nick's Day

So I said my next post was going to be Tanner's favorite things from Months 3-6...but I'm still working on taking pictures of him with his toys.  I want that post to have a lot more pictures in it than the first "Our Favorite Things" post.  

Yesterday was Nick's very first Father's Day.  He said he enjoyed it, but I feel like I failed.  Tanner picked out a shirt for him (he literally pulled it off the shelf at the store lol), and I made a large photobook from Shutterfly full of the wonderful pictures I have of Nick and Tanner together.  

Here's where I feel like I failed at letting him have a great day.  We had to go grocery shopping, because I meal plan on Sunday mornings. He was in a "cleaning mood".  So we (and I mean mostly he, since I tried to keep Tanner occupied) picked up trash, organized the tables, did laundry (clothes, sheets, and diapers), and he started organizing the spare room that has all of our storage crap in it.  Also, I wasn't able to make the dinner I wanted because I don't have all my kitchen utensils I need here in Texas.  I tried, but it so didn't turn out the way I wanted.  Such a bummer.

I just wish I could really let him know how much I appreciate him.  I mean I tell him all the time, but I feel like I need to do more.  He is such an amazing father to Tanner.  If you were a complete stranger, you would be able to see the bond the boys have when they are together.

I love him.

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